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Vintage and Soviet tech from collection

OK, how I see 2 people liked 1974's soviet radios from last blog. Of cource they are not only ones in my big collection.
Here is blog about many other devices like them with pictures and short info. Here will be not all of them, word limit is low, but collection is big enough, and I just have not good enough pics of some of them...

Turntables, vinyl players and radiograms:

Harkow 57
Oldest device in my collection. Made in 1957-1961. In my collection from 2017's summer. Work well, but needs in body restauration, because was found in countryside where was in quite damp place for at least 30 years. It still work on original tubes from 1961.

Ural 112
Radiogram from previous blog. Was made in 1974. Saved from dump in november 2020. Some wooden body parts was replaced by handmade analogues, because they was damaged, but electronic circuit work almost perfect!

Junost 301
Monophonic tube vinyl player made in 1960's-1970's. Was bought in 2018 for very low price as compact enough and almost portable player. Now it modified a little by me, because I added input to amplifier.

Radiotehnika 301
Low classed vinyl player made in 1986. It was given to me from my ex-classmate in 2017, but never worked well. When I get new highclassed turntable it was disassembled for spare parts.

Rondo 204 olympic (special version for olympic games 1980 Moscow)
Another one lowclassed vinyl player, very early made in Jan 1979 (one of the first released players of this model). It was completely restaurated and given to my friend as birthday present.

"Ve-tehika 101"
Highclassed hybrid of VEGA 108 (unitra G-602) and Radiotehnika 001. My own handmade, was made in oposite to dad's Vega 110 (also based on unitra G-602 but later version of it). Both "parents" of this turntable was made in 1982

Vega EP110
vega 110
Dad's turntable. Only one vinyl player which was in family from bought to now. One of exanples unitra-based Vega family. It was best turntable in our hosue before my "VE-tehnika" was made.
Electronica toy vinyl player
Toy which can play real 7″ and 10" vinyl records. Funny thing, work from batteries, sounds awful, but enough for kids songs and vinyl audio books with fairytales.

Reel-to-reel recorders:

Elfa 201-3 stereo
My first reel-to-reel. One of the best in own class by sound. Made in Soviet Lithuania in 1986.

Orbita 107-s
Reel-to-reel from my page design.

My second reel-to-reel. Highclassed recorder, it was present for my 18th birthday. Made in 1989. My dad had Orbita 106 (almost same but with analog indicators and round buttons)in 80's but sold it in 90's.

Part 2 about radios, cassette recorders, TVs, and many many many other stuff will be later because of limit...

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My father lived in Russia during 1980s. What an interesting place


these things are beautiful!! <3


god i love all this stuff you post, like it's so unnecessary [in a good way] yet so so so interesting and like just great in general. im pumped abt part 2 bc i rlly rlly rlly like radios, even if i know next to nothing abt them lol :)


It's cool that you collect such stuff. We don't have any devices from that period of time left sadly, they were either sold or got broken due to the age, or might have even got lost while moving.