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How to create an account?

Go here : Sign Up

How do I edit my fwiend list?

You can favorite, remove or block fwiends here: My Fwiends list

Can I see all users somewhere?

Yes, here: All Tom's Fwiends

Why can't I see my comment after posting to my fwiend's page?

Because your comment needs your fwiend's approval to be published.

Why did my name became "User Banned" and I had this stupid avatar?

Obviously because you were permabanned: OOf, the end.

How do I remove Tom from my fwiends?

Try this: Top 10 reasons why I hate Tom from myspace

How do I customize my profile?

1. Learn some CSS basics here: https://www.w3schools.com/css/
2. Use the custom CSS formular available here: Edit your profile
3. Use pure CSS only:
4. Unfortunatly, for security reasons, some words will disable your CSS rules.
These words are: style, script and php, do not use them in your CSS.

Can I use the Markdown Syntax on mySpace?

Yes my fwiend! You can use the Markdown syntax in your ABOUT and WHO sections,
Learn more here: Basic Syntax

I'm a developer, is there an api for this?

Yes mister hackerman, you can access it here: https://myspace.windows93.net/api.php?id=4
Simply replace the user ID with the one from which you want to obtain information.
Without specifying an ID, you'll get a list of all users with the number of friends they have (all users).
For obvious reasons, the api is limited to 1 request per second.