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"Hi for everybody who looking this page now."
19 years old
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50!!!! Hooray!!!!!

OK, 50 people on my page in such a short time, this is, as I said: an absolute record in the entire history of my Internet use. Probably the most unusual community here. Extremely creative and original, a little crazy in its own way, but at the same time it is really interesting to watch the page of each new person.
Here I will tell you a little more about myself.
My real name is Dan (Daniel), and my nickname is an abbreviation from Dan Rooste (read oo as a double o) Official. This abbreviation appeared with my first personal email address in 2012.
My birthday is January 19th.
Before quarantine, I part-worked as a photographer, worked with art photos and reporting from events.
I've been doing digital and film photography since 2012, when I got my first professional DSLR.
If anyone hasn't guessed, then of course my profile photo is a fake made in faceapp and finished in photoshop, and I look much younger live.
My real photo here
It's me in real life

I got to the css by accident, in search of something new. I really never studied programming and still don't know 99.9% of it, even at school I preferred art and do something with my own hands (carpentry, repair, construction, etc.). In general, I have always been an "analog person" and preferred physical labor to a computer and was fond of construction and carpentry from the age of 4, when I got my own real tools (real full-size ax, saw, knives, hammer, etc.).
Now my main hobby is the old audio-radio tech. I repair it, collect it and use it. My dad was a radio technician, my granny worked as an assembler on the assembly of communications equipment. So I build myself cool headphones, amplifiers, fix old devices instead of throwing them away, etc.
Until 2016, I was an athlete cyclist, but I had an accident on an old bicycle in the village (overheating of +35 degrees Celsius and loss of consciousness while driving a bicycle at high speed) and because of this, the cervical vertebrae had a little displacion. This did not affect me at all, but I was banned from sports, although I still ride a bicycle on a regular basis in any conditions and at any distance at any speed, and have no problems.
I'm a big fan of old music. Of course, the first preferences for rock, metal, rock and roll. I also love disco and electronic music from the 70s and 80s. Classics and jazz, of course. Without folk music and old pop music, I rarely make playlists either.
My father is a semi-professional musician. He is not well known on the web, but he has been playing a variety of music, from folk to viking-metal, since 80s. I also play a little on several instruments, but far from at a professional level.
I live in Estonia, although my ancestors came here from Finland a little over 100 years ago. Therefore, English is not my native language and I always forget something about it. Also, in addition to my native Estonian and Finnish, and English, I know Russian well.
I have an old ginger cat, almost my age, and a small dog. Their names are Rusty and Fluffy. I cannot imagine my life without pets and therefore I constantly help stray animals, although I cannot take them to my home.
I am quite alone, I have never been lucky with friends, and I have never had a girlfriend at all. This is why I give my whole life to a bunch of hobbies and often joke that I have a relationship only with my collection of vintage stuff ...

There was few facts about me. I think i will tell more in other blogs.

Thanks will be right in next blog in nearest half of hour, beacuse i will run over limites of characters if i will type all my thanks for all friends here.

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i agree about the community here, so many people who are unique and interesting , you are one of them ! i think best of all you put a lot of effort into things. To make sure your english is great, to make your page and images, to look out for animals, your hobbies, being nice to everyone,it amazes me. ☺