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"Hi for everybody who looking this page now."
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Personal thanks for all!!!

To be honest, I am extremely grateful to you all! Yes, 34 people are not much for someone, but for me this is almost a record in popularity. Unless only on Instagram I have more subscribers: 42, and that's for 4 years on the platform. Honestly, for the first time here I probably felt myself popular and needed by someone, because all this was not formed around my work. It's probably too early to make the top of friends, but here I will leave personal thanks to everyone who gave me the motivation to discover something new, and to ensure that I stay here longer than a couple of days.

Koala, you are just the best !!!!!!!!!!!!
This page just wouldn't exist without you !!! You can say you became a guide for me to the world of myspace and css !!!! The main motivator and owner of one of the best Discord servers I know !!!!

MarisaMarisa, thanks for the first comment on the page !!!
My acquaintance with the myspace community began with you, because your page was the first that I viewed in full.

llilywebskateboarder, thanks for the rickroll, but it won't work for me, because I'm still a big fan of not only rock, metal, but also 80s music, and for me this is first of all a good track from my disco mega mix 14 cassette.

awkward.violence, Morgan Hain Music, PaperAnthem, I enjoyed checking out your music and of course I loved it !!!!

Akmar, thanks for the comments !!!!

candorfive, thank you very much for enjoying my page, when I figure it out a little more in css, I will try to make it even more unique!

addy.darnell, yes, punks are cool !!!!! I even have a couple of Estonian and Finnish punk rock cassettes and i like listen them

Salamni :P, thank you for visiting my page from the discord server !!!!! You're cool!!!!

Nicolas, say hi to Tyler for me. I am a wild lover of building, sawing and planing since childhood (I learned to saw with a hacksaw at 3 years old and at 5 I had my own set of real carpentry tools) so I was gladly nostalgic that I could not buy a spruce board of a certain size for making medieval folk musical instrument for more than half a year due to the closed hardware stores when I went to your page ...

UTF-16, thanks for looking at my page from the discord, you have a really cool page, which is not surprising, you are a real professional in my opinion.

taki, thanks for your cute comment !!!!!

spacegirfriend! You are pretty cool, I could not resist such a connoisseur of good music and could not fail to note your excellent taste in the comments !!!!!

Forgive all those whom I know much less, I cannot say so much about you here, but you will not be left without thanks !!!!

prettyprincess42200, rencantdance, anyaamphetamine, Europ Europ Fanclub, pjscraps, frog_hat.com21, thnku4thevenom, lizardboiiiiii, beigehoodie, 2IN, Saint, Matt, Sykkuno, You have very cool page designs, some of them are completely insane, but i like this very much !!!! Thank you for inspiring me to experiments with my page design !!!!

ark63 2, jtracome87, UkrainskiGilgamesh, x_jang1ywang1y_x, PLURFURR, h0rny.wh0re, forgive me for not appreciating your ideas for the design of your pages a little, but you are all the same cool guys, thanks for adding me !!!!


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Ikurai, wow, thanks for your so nice comment, when I just have only 18 friends here, then I immediately decided that I would definitely thank everyone when there were 30 people here. Then I realized that the limit of 500 characters in the comment was not enough for this and then I wrote this blog. I was not even sure that so many people from those who added me as a friend will read it


this is a great blog to read, i come here every the day just to read it again and again, youre a nice person :)


Koala, I honestly can't stop thanking you for literally everything, so here's more of my thanks to you for this so nice comment!


you are so nice friend,also you make my server a nice place to be




candorfive, this was absolutely a random idea, when I just figured out how text animation works and started thinking where to apply it, I got an idea: since on the page "50% neon" I will add this text to the nickname in the form of an old blinking neon sign