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"Hi for everybody who looking this page now."
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200 fwiends!!!! YAY!!!!

Hi-hi!!!! You know, when I reached 100 friends here on March 31, I was very touched that I was able to get so many new friends and it was so unexpected... 200 friends I was waiting for, of course, but it means that I am no less touched by such an event. So much has happened in that time...

In first, I wanna thank:
Koala, the best guide to the world of myspace and its sweet server.
Shoebox (Kei), a great friend, and their discord server.
All who have become my true friends here and in discord.

And so, now let's go.
Thank you for this idea Dr. harold. p. coomer (aka Hank). I'm sorry that I can't make the top friends on the page more bigger, but maybe it's real through tricks with CSS

Yes, for 200 friends, I did not collect so many comments on the page, but I will show my favorite ones. More precisely, they are all my favorites, but I can't just post screenshots of all the comments here.

Lilly's link, huh classic (no spoilers)
Spacegirlfriend's comment. I just like it
Taki's cute comment!
Ikurai's nice comment, I love it!
Harrison's comment, I like it.
Taylor, my respect, we really have a very nice chat
IsThisStatic: You knew how to interest me from the very threshold giving out such an interesting link, I can say that working with such a machine is both a dream and the worst nightmare of any person interested in old tech
TheHungryPumpkin, very nice comment and thank you for the cupcake :]
Felixkat, very cute picture
Frodo Potter, a unique comment!

Well, a little variety, a little art. I'm not that good of an artist, and I probably wouldn't be able to overcome my insecurities and get back to drawing without a Shoebox (Kei).

This picture is now in my php in discord, I drew it during the period when I took a break.
And then I just colored one of my old drawings, just for practice, but it looks good!
And last, a character that was created under the influence of the Kei art style. Meet Albert.
And also a bit of woodburning:
Soon there will be 2 more ones, the sketches on the plywood are already ready.

This is probably the first such ad from me, but here is my discord tag.
Darroff#7994 or Darr#8596
Also I have an small and empty server, it is in first about old tech, but otherwise free to chat. If you really liked the blogs about my collection of Soviet tech, write to dm/pm and I will give you a link.

Myspace is a unique place, if you have become a part of it, then letting go of it will be really hard.


Vintage and Soviet PART 2

First part have many good comments, and I don't like to make people wait. So part 2!!!!

I will start with...

Cassette players/recorders:

Vesna 306
My first cassete player. Made in 1977. It was able to be good enough cassette recorder, but it had problems with motor controller circuit, i tried to fix it, but all tries was completely unsucsesfull. (it had nonusual motor which was needs in separate controller circuit) Now I made vintage styled bluetooth speaker from it.

Electronica 302
One of most famous and popular portable cassette players in USSR. My made in 1984. After years it have many problems too, because some parts are was almost destroyed by time.

Silvano KC-3010 (made in Japan)
Just rare Japanese tape recorder with a radio, about which there is almost no information on the network. Mine was produced in 1977 (the second of my 3 cassette recorders from 1977). To be honest, its quality was quite low, because apart from high-quality components, the assembly was approximately at the level of low-class Soviet counterparts.


Tourist RP215
Very simple portable radio. That is all what i can say about it.

Spidola 230-1 (208)
It can be usual 1970's radio, but mine is almost unique. This is the one of 100 factory hybrids of spidola 208 and spidola 230-1, they was made as prototypes and have schematics from 208 but in 230-1 body and have unique top panel.


Odissey 010
Dad's amplifier, it have some modernisations from original and sounds at level of some audiophile amps from well known manufacturers.

Volna 307
To be honest this is not aplifier, this is portable boombox styled amp with almost built it turntable. Strange thing, but not so bad.
wave vinlyl

Musical instruments (synths and electric guitars)

Tom 1501
Soviet analog strings machine, almost clone of crumar orchestrator in body style of crumar performer (If you interested what is "crumar" you can google it). Mine TOM 1501 was made in 1985.
It work well, with it you can play almost all, of course is you will use some effects and plugins because original sound can be a bit poor for solos.

Solaris aka estradin 314.
Short keyboard analog electric organ. Sounds really good, but you need to use transpose for play bass, because keyboard have only 4 octaves.

Maria lead
Gibson ES styled semi-acoustic gutar, but with plastic body. Was made in late 70's. This model was called worst soviet guitar by many experts, but sometimes it sounds good for some tracks.

Ural 650 custom by D&R
My triumph: most famous soviet electric guitar, but comletely restaurated and customized by me at home. After all customizations it sounds very good, much better than original and some customs. It was present for my friend to his birthday, but in plans making


Vintage and Soviet tech from collection

OK, how I see 2 people liked 1974's soviet radios from last blog. Of cource they are not only ones in my big collection.
Here is blog about many other devices like them with pictures and short info. Here will be not all of them, word limit is low, but collection is big enough, and I just have not good enough pics of some of them...

Turntables, vinyl players and radiograms:

Harkow 57
Oldest device in my collection. Made in 1957-1961. In my collection from 2017's summer. Work well, but needs in body restauration, because was found in countryside where was in quite damp place for at least 30 years. It still work on original tubes from 1961.

Ural 112
Radiogram from previous blog. Was made in 1974. Saved from dump in november 2020. Some wooden body parts was replaced by handmade analogues, because they was damaged, but electronic circuit work almost perfect!

Junost 301
Monophonic tube vinyl player made in 1960's-1970's. Was bought in 2018 for very low price as compact enough and almost portable player. Now it modified a little by me, because I added input to amplifier.

Radiotehnika 301
Low classed vinyl player made in 1986. It was given to me from my ex-classmate in 2017, but never worked well. When I get new highclassed turntable it was disassembled for spare parts.

Rondo 204 olympic (special version for olympic games 1980 Moscow)
Another one lowclassed vinyl player, very early made in Jan 1979 (one of the first released players of this model). It was completely restaurated and given to my friend as birthday present.

"Ve-tehika 101"
Highclassed hybrid of VEGA 108 (unitra G-602) and Radiotehnika 001. My own handmade, was made in oposite to dad's Vega 110 (also based on unitra G-602 but later version of it). Both "parents" of this turntable was made in 1982

Vega EP110
vega 110
Dad's turntable. Only one vinyl player which was in family from bought to now. One of exanples unitra-based Vega family. It was best turntable in our hosue before my "VE-tehnika" was made.
Electronica toy vinyl player
Toy which can play real 7″ and 10" vinyl records. Funny thing, work from batteries, sounds awful, but enough for kids songs and vinyl audio books with fairytales.

Reel-to-reel recorders:

Elfa 201-3 stereo
My first reel-to-reel. One of the best in own class by sound. Made in Soviet Lithuania in 1986.

Orbita 107-s
Reel-to-reel from my page design.

My second reel-to-reel. Highclassed recorder, it was present for my 18th birthday. Made in 1989. My dad had Orbita 106 (almost same but with analog indicators and round buttons)in 80's but sold it in 90's.

Part 2 about radios, cassette recorders, TVs, and many many many other stuff will be later because of limit...



Guys I need your help. I have bought this TV less then 2 years ago.


The warranty expired back, and now it recently broke down.

This is a terrible case, and now I need to buy a new TV urgently.
But I am very bad in choosing when I have to choose between several things when I need to buy something...

Here I will show you pictures with new TVs from which I need to choose which one to buy and please tell me which one to take. This is very important and urgent for me!!!!!! I hope for your active help...

TV 1


TV 2

TV 3

TV 4

TV 5

TV 6


I will be very grateful if you will help


WOW 100 friends (emotional)

I just have not enough words how I thankful to you all... You're best... This is my first blog limit and few old blogs will move to my second still not ended page (i hate my lazyness).

I was not ready for this, and not make long blog as at prewious time. This means that i will ad something more to this blog later.

Especially I want thank Koala again this all only by your support from my first days here...

And two great servers: Koala's "cat sever" for helping me find really good and nice new friends!!!!
and Shoebox's new "The Earl's Tea-Party" server for new good friends and showing me that maybe i'm not so hopeless and can live in modern society.

If i could, I would love to meet in real life with everyone I've met on myspace and these two servers and with pleasure and happines shake their hands or hug them in gratitude for beeing my friends here and there.

You all make me feel so good... I'm full of emotions..... Oh God... I feel tears... I love you all so much...


OK, this is Q&A

Yes, this is a Q&A. My blog called "Another blog? (Look it pls)" didn't work, or rather it did, but not completely. Of course, a huge thank you to everyone who wrote me there ideas for the next blogs, but not everyone noticed that there was also a postscript about the fact that you can ask me questions that I will answer. Besides, I don't know how many people watched it at all. Yes, of course, when there are more than a thousand friends on the page, then there would be more questions, but why should I not try with less than hundred especially when I am completely open and always ready to answer any questions for me. I'm usually out of fashionable trends, but why not just once participate in something that is still relevant.

Waiting for your questions!!!


OK, I turned on some fiery music, settled down in my old armchair, opened a pack of pretzels and a bottle of kvass (because I don't drink beer and other alcohol, and I like kvass more than cola or Pepsi). And I'm ready to answer your questions !!!! Let's GO!!!!

33000emails's three Qs:

First Q: sorry, dude,I missed the point of the question a little, probably because of a small language barrier, the meaning passed me by, but I will be happy to answer if you will give more detailed description...

Second Q: On this moment this is Hurriganes: Finnish Rock-N-Roll band from 70's-80's.
I listening them right now when type this. In general, when you listen to good rock 'n' roll, you are obviously tempted to rush off somewhere on an old motorcycle. I don't have a motorcycle, but maybe in the next couple of years I will be able to buy a moped from the 70s for a cheaper price, or put the motor on my bike as it was in the 1958 model year additional complectation.

Third Q: Favorite website? No offense myspace, I'm here not so long ago. My favorite websites last few years are search engines and YouTube. I spend 90% of my time on them.



Q: To be honest, I never thought about it. Although in gastronomic preferences: herring, smelt, sprat, salmon and other Baltic fish... :)



Q: Hmmm, Well, here everything is quite simple: winter and mid-spring. I'm northern enough person and I'm used to the cold, and I love it I have been waiting for a long cold and snowy winter since 2011. While my friends were freezing at home I often sat on a park bench in a snowstorm and ate ice cream. And, the mid-spring, because it's not too hot yet, but it's already very beautiful.

P.S. for answer for Tyler
I'm so sorry Tyler, bro, if you felt cold while reading this. I could not resist to say about my love to cold weather. Very often people begin to freeze next to me when I start talking about how I usualy went out into the cold and snow in December in the village, barefoot and in the only shorts and a T-shirt at morning. And later, as a photographer, more than once I had to work in the cold in light home clothes...



Blog Nr. 3

Nieznajka, thanks for idea
comment about it

Why not tell this.
I usually control my dreams. It seems to be called "lucid dreaming". As far as I remember, this was how long it was, at least first memories about this i have from when I was 5-6 years old. Usually, all this is arranged as a relative broadcasting grid of some TV channel, with repetitions of some episodes a couple of times a year or even a continuation of some series of dreams after years but most times dreams are unique. Most of my dreams are just life stories, but many of them either a comedy or an adventure, and nightmares that I have extremely rarely, most often not some kind of horror, but frightening life stories, such as not passing on a driver's license without the possibility of retaking, and after, because of this, use only public transport for the rest of my life. Therefore, quite often my dreams really have a lot in common with films, though delusional and clichéd.
For example, one of the most memorable scenes. Perhaps I dreamed about it, because I saw too many KFC ads while watching programs about science and technology on YT. The plot was as follows: I am in the village, in my country house. Together with me my grandfather, mascot KFC (Sanders) and Elon Musk. All this is designed like a reality show, where invited guests are given various tasks. Elon Musk got the task of assembling something technologically advanced using only what he finds in the backyard and in the house (but even in real life the most technologically advanced in my country house is a tube radio from the 50s). And Sanders was given the task of shooting an epic advertisement for his restaurant where he must show how he makes his way through the historical eras to his cafe.
But everything turns out of that. Elon Musk turns out to be a loser here who does not know how to do anything. He just breaks everything, does a bunch of things wrong, falls down the stairs, gets electrocuted, like buffoonery gags in old cartoons.
Sanders has a little fewer problems, there are scenery, costumes, a film set, but the actors and technical staff were recruited from random passers-by, and besides, the crash sounds and power outage from the actions of Elon Musk in the neighborhood nullify all the advantages. And everything in plot comes to the fact that my grandfather begins to help Elon Musk and teaches him manual labor and the basics of engineering, and I help Sanders with his advertising shoot. (This is real nonsense, but when you only woke up can be funny)
Other dreams are most often also based on real places, something too fantasy is rare. For example: again outside the city, when you go along a certain route in a dream, then, unlike the real world, instead of a dead end, in this place is just a continuation of the road that leads to another village, which in general does not differ from the real surrounding villages, it just does not exist in reality ... There, in this village, you find a house that stands out among others for its architecture, but in fact, in reality, a similar house is located in the village where you have a country house. Near this house you meet a girl who lives there. You become friends, ride bicycles, watch TV at her house. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. But this is just a dream, what has to do with a dream with a continuation, the first time I dreamed about it, it lasted every night for several weeks, then everything continued the next year, and still sometimes returns.
Otherwise, most often I completely control all sleep events, and usually they are about some kind of secret desires. Kind of like a plot about how in a parallel universe you have a car that can teleport between countries, and my girlfriend is a popular super star, and you met when she decided to secretly walk around the city after the concert (my apartment is a block away from one of the main concert halls my city). It is clear that I dream about this due to the fact that I am quite lonely and dream of cool car...

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YAY 80 fwiends!!!!!!

Wow, guys there are already so many of you!!! When i create this page I absolutely didn't think I'd become so famous. Well, without you all, this would not have happened, I just adore you all!!!!!
If I could, I would love to shake each of you by the hand or even give you a hug! (This is a figurative expression, please do not associate this with the rules of the "new reality")
It's a pity that not all of you are so active. Please write, leave comments, I will be very pleased to see it!

OK, I don't know what to write about and i just will write about random things here.

My bicycle in this year celebrates 67 jubilee but it still fresh enough for everyday rides.

In 2018, I inherited from grandmother's sister, in addition to a bunch of old things for the collection, I got a whole box of old mobile phones with working SIM cards... And I few times after this prank my friends by sending them a funny text message with fake advertisement from these numbers.

I had a case when I was a child when my grandmother lost me and spent several hours looking for me all over the village, although all this time I sat and read comics in old newspapers from the comfort of my room.

As a child, after watching spy movies, I thought that I could repeat what was shown there and tried to change my appearance to sneak in to a former friend's birthday party to disrupt it.

The joke that I use the dictionary of 1915 when I write something in English came from a moment in the 3rd grade. We were asked to write an essay "how I spent the summer" in English. I wrote literally a detailed essay on almost every minor event that summer. I simply did not know the translation of many words at all, I did not have the Internet, and at home there was only this old dictionary. I got the lowest score for this essay because the teacher didn't understand 90% of the text.

In high school, I was one of the main employees in the school theater club, and also a school photographer, so I was often torn from lessons when it was necessary to urgently conduct a photo shoot or an elderly head of the theater club needed help with the computer.

In the theater club itself, I performed 90% of the roles at many events. I was at the same time a director, a screenwriter, a technician, an event host, an actor, a press representative, and this despite the fact that there were 30+ people in the club besides me.

The worst event that I conducted completely by myself without the participation of 90% of the club's members was a disco in the style of the 70s-80s due to the fact that the day before the event, the keys to the cabinet with audio equipment and the remote control of lighting equipment were lost at the school. From the spectacular show, only the music remained, and then while half the school was looking for the keys, 20 people remained in the hall...

I just have not any more ideas to tell here and i think i will just end this blog.

I think little later i will type another one blog with thanks of course, although this time there were probably a little less really interesting thanks than in previous times, but this will not necessarily be the case...


50!!!! Hooray!!!!!

OK, 50 people on my page in such a short time, this is, as I said: an absolute record in the entire history of my Internet use. Probably the most unusual community here. Extremely creative and original, a little crazy in its own way, but at the same time it is really interesting to watch the page of each new person.
Here I will tell you a little more about myself.
My real name is Dan (Daniel), and my nickname is an abbreviation from Dan Rooste (read oo as a double o) Official. This abbreviation appeared with my first personal email address in 2012.
My birthday is January 19th.
Before quarantine, I part-worked as a photographer, worked with art photos and reporting from events.
I've been doing digital and film photography since 2012, when I got my first professional DSLR.
If anyone hasn't guessed, then of course my profile photo is a fake made in faceapp and finished in photoshop, and I look much younger live.
My real photo here
It's me in real life

I got to the css by accident, in search of something new. I really never studied programming and still don't know 99.9% of it, even at school I preferred art and do something with my own hands (carpentry, repair, construction, etc.). In general, I have always been an "analog person" and preferred physical labor to a computer and was fond of construction and carpentry from the age of 4, when I got my own real tools (real full-size ax, saw, knives, hammer, etc.).
Now my main hobby is the old audio-radio tech. I repair it, collect it and use it. My dad was a radio technician, my granny worked as an assembler on the assembly of communications equipment. So I build myself cool headphones, amplifiers, fix old devices instead of throwing them away, etc.
Until 2016, I was an athlete cyclist, but I had an accident on an old bicycle in the village (overheating of +35 degrees Celsius and loss of consciousness while driving a bicycle at high speed) and because of this, the cervical vertebrae had a little displacion. This did not affect me at all, but I was banned from sports, although I still ride a bicycle on a regular basis in any conditions and at any distance at any speed, and have no problems.
I'm a big fan of old music. Of course, the first preferences for rock, metal, rock and roll. I also love disco and electronic music from the 70s and 80s. Classics and jazz, of course. Without folk music and old pop music, I rarely make playlists either.
My father is a semi-professional musician. He is not well known on the web, but he has been playing a variety of music, from folk to viking-metal, since 80s. I also play a little on several instruments, but far from at a professional level.
I live in Estonia, although my ancestors came here from Finland a little over 100 years ago. Therefore, English is not my native language and I always forget something about it. Also, in addition to my native Estonian and Finnish, and English, I know Russian well.
I have an old ginger cat, almost my age, and a small dog. Their names are Rusty and Fluffy. I cannot imagine my life without pets and therefore I constantly help stray animals, although I cannot take them to my home.
I am quite alone, I have never been lucky with friends, and I have never had a girlfriend at all. This is why I give my whole life to a bunch of hobbies and often joke that I have a relationship only with my collection of vintage stuff ...

There was few facts about me. I think i will tell more in other blogs.

Thanks will be right in next blog in nearest half of hour, beacuse i will run over limites of characters if i will type all my thanks for all friends here.

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Personal thanks for all!!!

To be honest, I am extremely grateful to you all! Yes, 34 people are not much for someone, but for me this is almost a record in popularity. Unless only on Instagram I have more subscribers: 42, and that's for 4 years on the platform. Honestly, for the first time here I probably felt myself popular and needed by someone, because all this was not formed around my work. It's probably too early to make the top of friends, but here I will leave personal thanks to everyone who gave me the motivation to discover something new, and to ensure that I stay here longer than a couple of days.

Koala, you are just the best !!!!!!!!!!!!
This page just wouldn't exist without you !!! You can say you became a guide for me to the world of myspace and css !!!! The main motivator and owner of one of the best Discord servers I know !!!!

MarisaMarisa, thanks for the first comment on the page !!!
My acquaintance with the myspace community began with you, because your page was the first that I viewed in full.

llilywebskateboarder, thanks for the rickroll, but it won't work for me, because I'm still a big fan of not only rock, metal, but also 80s music, and for me this is first of all a good track from my disco mega mix 14 cassette.

awkward.violence, Morgan Hain Music, PaperAnthem, I enjoyed checking out your music and of course I loved it !!!!

Akmar, thanks for the comments !!!!

candorfive, thank you very much for enjoying my page, when I figure it out a little more in css, I will try to make it even more unique!

addy.darnell, yes, punks are cool !!!!! I even have a couple of Estonian and Finnish punk rock cassettes and i like listen them

Salamni :P, thank you for visiting my page from the discord server !!!!! You're cool!!!!

Nicolas, say hi to Tyler for me. I am a wild lover of building, sawing and planing since childhood (I learned to saw with a hacksaw at 3 years old and at 5 I had my own set of real carpentry tools) so I was gladly nostalgic that I could not buy a spruce board of a certain size for making medieval folk musical instrument for more than half a year due to the closed hardware stores when I went to your page ...

UTF-16, thanks for looking at my page from the discord, you have a really cool page, which is not surprising, you are a real professional in my opinion.

taki, thanks for your cute comment !!!!!

spacegirfriend! You are pretty cool, I could not resist such a connoisseur of good music and could not fail to note your excellent taste in the comments !!!!!

Forgive all those whom I know much less, I cannot say so much about you here, but you will not be left without thanks !!!!

prettyprincess42200, rencantdance, anyaamphetamine, Europ Europ Fanclub, pjscraps, frog_hat.com21, thnku4thevenom, lizardboiiiiii, beigehoodie, 2IN, Saint, Matt, Sykkuno, You have very cool page designs, some of them are completely insane, but i like this very much !!!! Thank you for inspiring me to experiments with my page design !!!!

ark63 2, jtracome87, UkrainskiGilgamesh, x_jang1ywang1y_x, PLURFURR, h0rny.wh0re, forgive me for not appreciating your ideas for the design of your pages a little, but you are all the same cool guys, thanks for adding me !!!!