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"Hi for everybody who looking this page now."
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YAY 80 fwiends!!!!!!

Wow, guys there are already so many of you!!! When i create this page I absolutely didn't think I'd become so famous. Well, without you all, this would not have happened, I just adore you all!!!!!
If I could, I would love to shake each of you by the hand or even give you a hug! (This is a figurative expression, please do not associate this with the rules of the "new reality")
It's a pity that not all of you are so active. Please write, leave comments, I will be very pleased to see it!

OK, I don't know what to write about and i just will write about random things here.

My bicycle in this year celebrates 67 jubilee but it still fresh enough for everyday rides.

In 2018, I inherited from grandmother's sister, in addition to a bunch of old things for the collection, I got a whole box of old mobile phones with working SIM cards... And I few times after this prank my friends by sending them a funny text message with fake advertisement from these numbers.

I had a case when I was a child when my grandmother lost me and spent several hours looking for me all over the village, although all this time I sat and read comics in old newspapers from the comfort of my room.

As a child, after watching spy movies, I thought that I could repeat what was shown there and tried to change my appearance to sneak in to a former friend's birthday party to disrupt it.

The joke that I use the dictionary of 1915 when I write something in English came from a moment in the 3rd grade. We were asked to write an essay "how I spent the summer" in English. I wrote literally a detailed essay on almost every minor event that summer. I simply did not know the translation of many words at all, I did not have the Internet, and at home there was only this old dictionary. I got the lowest score for this essay because the teacher didn't understand 90% of the text.

In high school, I was one of the main employees in the school theater club, and also a school photographer, so I was often torn from lessons when it was necessary to urgently conduct a photo shoot or an elderly head of the theater club needed help with the computer.

In the theater club itself, I performed 90% of the roles at many events. I was at the same time a director, a screenwriter, a technician, an event host, an actor, a press representative, and this despite the fact that there were 30+ people in the club besides me.

The worst event that I conducted completely by myself without the participation of 90% of the club's members was a disco in the style of the 70s-80s due to the fact that the day before the event, the keys to the cabinet with audio equipment and the remote control of lighting equipment were lost at the school. From the spectacular show, only the music remained, and then while half the school was looking for the keys, 20 people remained in the hall...

I just have not any more ideas to tell here and i think i will just end this blog.

I think little later i will type another one blog with thanks of course, although this time there were probably a little less really interesting thanks than in previous times, but this will not necessarily be the case...

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Tyler,about photography,if you want, you can ask me many things about it, almost 9 years of experience in photography. Completed NYIP correspondence course in 2015-16, attended dozens of master classes, semi-official Tamron lens tester. I can say that were 2 of my own students, although they were too lazy and did not take up photography actively enough, although one of them is now shooting quite well.


You said you use an old dictionary, but your English is good 👍
My highschool has a photography class, and I have always wanted to take it. Maybe I will next year.


From 5th to 7th grade, I again studied British. And in the 8th grade, decided that we should learn "a more relevant spoken language" and again switched to American. But by that time I began to worry about other things, and I spent less time learning the language, and more began to use translator than my knowledge. Well, now I double-check everything on the translator, although on average I still understand the meaning and can build phrases, although without observing the grammar.


...In parallel, in the second grade, I entered other courses with British, it closed when I was supposed to enter the 4th grade. In the 4th grade, I already knew English quite well, and so for some time I even helped the teacher, but I can say that I did not finish the 4th grade, I became seriously ill and missed almost half of the school year. I studied at home, but not in all subjects, but only in the most basic ones that were necessary for the transition to the 5th grade. (pt. 2)


Koala, I studied mostly British "classic" English. But there were times when the program changed. The fact is that I started learning English 3 years before school, it was British English, these courses ended when I had to go to the second grade of school. At school, the 2nd grade was also British English, and in the 3rd grade it was changed to American. (it's only pt.1)


Friend ! i have a question for you , do you learn british english or american english or both ?


congrats to you and your bike!!