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Nieznajka, thanks for idea
comment about it

Why not tell this.
I usually control my dreams. It seems to be called "lucid dreaming". As far as I remember, this was how long it was, at least first memories about this i have from when I was 5-6 years old. Usually, all this is arranged as a relative broadcasting grid of some TV channel, with repetitions of some episodes a couple of times a year or even a continuation of some series of dreams after years but most times dreams are unique. Most of my dreams are just life stories, but many of them either a comedy or an adventure, and nightmares that I have extremely rarely, most often not some kind of horror, but frightening life stories, such as not passing on a driver's license without the possibility of retaking, and after, because of this, use only public transport for the rest of my life. Therefore, quite often my dreams really have a lot in common with films, though delusional and clichéd.
For example, one of the most memorable scenes. Perhaps I dreamed about it, because I saw too many KFC ads while watching programs about science and technology on YT. The plot was as follows: I am in the village, in my country house. Together with me my grandfather, mascot KFC (Sanders) and Elon Musk. All this is designed like a reality show, where invited guests are given various tasks. Elon Musk got the task of assembling something technologically advanced using only what he finds in the backyard and in the house (but even in real life the most technologically advanced in my country house is a tube radio from the 50s). And Sanders was given the task of shooting an epic advertisement for his restaurant where he must show how he makes his way through the historical eras to his cafe.
But everything turns out of that. Elon Musk turns out to be a loser here who does not know how to do anything. He just breaks everything, does a bunch of things wrong, falls down the stairs, gets electrocuted, like buffoonery gags in old cartoons.
Sanders has a little fewer problems, there are scenery, costumes, a film set, but the actors and technical staff were recruited from random passers-by, and besides, the crash sounds and power outage from the actions of Elon Musk in the neighborhood nullify all the advantages. And everything in plot comes to the fact that my grandfather begins to help Elon Musk and teaches him manual labor and the basics of engineering, and I help Sanders with his advertising shoot. (This is real nonsense, but when you only woke up can be funny)
Other dreams are most often also based on real places, something too fantasy is rare. For example: again outside the city, when you go along a certain route in a dream, then, unlike the real world, instead of a dead end, in this place is just a continuation of the road that leads to another village, which in general does not differ from the real surrounding villages, it just does not exist in reality ... There, in this village, you find a house that stands out among others for its architecture, but in fact, in reality, a similar house is located in the village where you have a country house. Near this house you meet a girl who lives there. You become friends, ride bicycles, watch TV at her house. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. But this is just a dream, what has to do with a dream with a continuation, the first time I dreamed about it, it lasted every night for several weeks, then everything continued the next year, and still sometimes returns.
Otherwise, most often I completely control all sleep events, and usually they are about some kind of secret desires. Kind of like a plot about how in a parallel universe you have a car that can teleport between countries, and my girlfriend is a popular super star, and you met when she decided to secretly walk around the city after the concert (my apartment is a block away from one of the main concert halls my city). It is clear that I dream about this due to the fact that I am quite lonely and dream of cool car...

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I wish I could lucid dream too, it only happened like twice in my whole life and the first time I woke up the moment I realized I was lucid dreaming ;-; that was no fun

your dreams seem to be similar to mine, where the dream realm looks almost just like the real world but with a twist