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"Hi for everybody who looking this page now."
19 years old
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OK, this is Q&A

Yes, this is a Q&A. My blog called "Another blog? (Look it pls)" didn't work, or rather it did, but not completely. Of course, a huge thank you to everyone who wrote me there ideas for the next blogs, but not everyone noticed that there was also a postscript about the fact that you can ask me questions that I will answer. Besides, I don't know how many people watched it at all. Yes, of course, when there are more than a thousand friends on the page, then there would be more questions, but why should I not try with less than hundred especially when I am completely open and always ready to answer any questions for me. I'm usually out of fashionable trends, but why not just once participate in something that is still relevant.

Waiting for your questions!!!


OK, I turned on some fiery music, settled down in my old armchair, opened a pack of pretzels and a bottle of kvass (because I don't drink beer and other alcohol, and I like kvass more than cola or Pepsi). And I'm ready to answer your questions !!!! Let's GO!!!!

33000emails's three Qs:

First Q: sorry, dude,I missed the point of the question a little, probably because of a small language barrier, the meaning passed me by, but I will be happy to answer if you will give more detailed description...

Second Q: On this moment this is Hurriganes: Finnish Rock-N-Roll band from 70's-80's.
I listening them right now when type this. In general, when you listen to good rock 'n' roll, you are obviously tempted to rush off somewhere on an old motorcycle. I don't have a motorcycle, but maybe in the next couple of years I will be able to buy a moped from the 70s for a cheaper price, or put the motor on my bike as it was in the 1958 model year additional complectation.

Third Q: Favorite website? No offense myspace, I'm here not so long ago. My favorite websites last few years are search engines and YouTube. I spend 90% of my time on them.



Q: To be honest, I never thought about it. Although in gastronomic preferences: herring, smelt, sprat, salmon and other Baltic fish... :)



Q: Hmmm, Well, here everything is quite simple: winter and mid-spring. I'm northern enough person and I'm used to the cold, and I love it I have been waiting for a long cold and snowy winter since 2011. While my friends were freezing at home I often sat on a park bench in a snowstorm and ate ice cream. And, the mid-spring, because it's not too hot yet, but it's already very beautiful.

P.S. for answer for Tyler
I'm so sorry Tyler, bro, if you felt cold while reading this. I could not resist to say about my love to cold weather. Very often people begin to freeze next to me when I start talking about how I usualy went out into the cold and snow in December in the village, barefoot and in the only shorts and a T-shirt at morning. And later, as a photographer, more than once I had to work in the cold in light home clothes...


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