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"I'm feeling hot rn :O this new to me lmao"
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YOYOYO stuff lol

SO yeah, my bar for men is real low, i know cuz i went to a reddit thing for things(? (Not telling u luv <3) for help (I normally don't ask for help cuz my dad and brother always thaugth me to do things on my own just cuz, and i just can't ask for help anymore and blahblahblah other stuff) asked the thing and a guy replied "OH WOW someone paid attention to me for the first time :o" the guy said "What are your pc specs" BLAND i had in mind that he was gonna be a women hater (My brain works how it wants to ok) so i was nervous to respond with my " specs i'm not sure if that's what you asked fro lol, sorry i'm stupid pls don't bully me <3" i sent it and then he went "Oh don't worry! That's what i asked for blahblahblah sadly i think your specs are the problem" PHEW THE WAY THE TENSION IN MY ASS WAS RELIVED i intantly loved this man and i still do <3 we kept talking for like 2 replys and the thing that i mostly loved is that he said "Btw your English is pretty easy to understand" or something along the lines I LOVE THAT i need validation whenever a speak English with someone that speaks it since they were born cuz i don't want to look like and idiot to them lmao
The bar is low and yet men keep disapointing me :D

Goodbye besties <3<3<3<3<333<3<3<
(Also how is it that i have over 100 besties .-. AM I LIKEABLE??????????)

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Me alegra que te haya podido ayudar al menos para saber qué problema tenía tu PC ¡! Las pequeñas interacciones positivas son lindas.
Todos tenemos la vara muy baja con los tipos, tranca JAJAJA.


omg si fuera de joda es re lindo cuando un chabon no te tatra de estpida o diferente x ser mina ,jhsadghsj the bar is on the fking floor lpm


KSJDJ low bar for men era yo