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Sad thing that happened to me pt.2

Okay so, my friend blocked him, i didn't and now i feel bad for it. G told me abt all that, i got pretty mad, i asked B about what G told me, he got kinda mad too, i don't really remember the whole thing, but it ended up """"well""". He started to be even more graphic with me, i ""liked"" him so it didn't bother me, i just thought he was being a perv. He was all the time playing with me, if i didn't text him in half an hour he got mad at me, and played the victim, saying that i'm a bad person because i'm ignoring him ( I was 12, i had school, he knew that i went to school still. Also, i told him i was 14, i was afraid he would stop talking to me beacuse of my age). It was always like that, he was graphic, sometimes i would tell him to stop beacuse it was wierd and it was too much, he'd get mad and start saying "i'm sorry..." "i'm so so sorry..." always with "..." he'd say that he was like that ,he also asked for more graphic pics, the "least graphic" i would send, i don't know what he did with those, and i think i don't wanna know. we talked always, and he sometimes wouldn't respond, i couldn't complain about that, if i did he'd mocked me saying "lol what are you, my girlfriend???" "And what, i don't have to talk to you all the time, i have things to do" "Are you jelous??? lololol". I think we talked almost a whole year, (i think at the end of the year or something) he sent me leud stickers and p*/5n, i was still 12, he sometimes said to me that he wanted to do that with me, he also talked a lot abt meeting in person (He lived in Córdoba i think), he used to say that if we met up i had to be alone, he also wanted me to be in a skirt, so he could you know. Know that i think abt it i just get sad.
We stoped talking, and i couldn't be happier, it's been some time, but i still feel dirty because of the pics that i sent, and beacuse of how we talked. Again i hope this doesn't get taken down, if something like this happened to you or is happening, know that you can talk to me. <3 thxs 4 being amazing (Sorry 4 my english jaja)

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ohmygod im so sorry this happened to you :( the internet is filled with so much creeps, it's scary and B is disgusting :/ stay safe !! <3