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Friends in real life and shit like that

My two real life bestfriends stopped talking to me one of them is G/Gisella already mentioned her in another blogthe other one i'll cal P/Pan con queso (?
I kinda get P since i think her parents made her stop talking to me, She told me that she loved me and that she would miss me, it didn't sound like her at all tho, so really i don't care that much
But then there's G, she straight up stopped responding, i sometimes would ask if she wanted to hangout and normally she would be all excited abt it and would say yes, now she doesn't respond, i know she's active cuz she posts thing on whatsapp. There are many more things but the one that makes me sadder is that yesterday she posted a ":(" with a black screen, she only does that when she's sad or something happend, so even tho i normally don't want to bother her, i just said ":(?", to see what was wrong, she didn't say shit, she was also active, i would like it better if she blocked me and i cried abt it for some time than having to be sad all the time because she seems to hate me or be annoyed by my, i don't know what i did wrong, she was my only bestfriend, she knew that :(

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Lo que pasa es que no conozco ningún amigo suyo JHKJAD tipo, conozco a la novia, pero no tengo el num :/


noo q mal q hayan dejado de hablar de la nada:[, podrías preguntarle a algun amigo de G si es q sabe q le pasó // KSKSJ pan con queso buen nombre