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"I'm feeling hot rn :O this new to me lmao"
Gender Questioning
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Just some thoughts :D

(Here i'll put some thoughts that i have, i'll edit this blog time to time)

I think that a good way to live is by lisening and then proccesing. What i mean is, we should analize every point of view that anyone can have in life as long as is not harmful to others (Ones that "could" be analyzed: Stuff that cannot harm anybody thats not doing anything harmful to others --- Ones that "couldn't" be analyzed: Things like racism, homophobia, transphobia, capitalism and shity shit that harms people/Living beings that don't harm anybody). For the proccesing thing i mean to say that we should then try to think by ourselfs with morals, logic and sience (Wow i sound like the typical transphobe saying that it's against logic and there is no way you can be a woman if you were a man and the other way around)(Not true btw, if you're trans you're valid and you are who you are, be yourself and happy :D)

Great know i forgot all the shit i was abt to say

What's your opinion on my opinion?? (o゜▽゜)o☆(★ ω ★)

welp, see ya when i get another "big brain" time :D

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cool.i used to think it was bad to listen to other people it would make me believe ssilly things but actually made me believe things stronger than before and makes more sense