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"I'm feeling hot rn :O this new to me lmao"
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I have a shitty android so the pics don't look good when i take them lol
That's pretty much it aside, i don't want no creeps in my acc so JA
But i would do it if i had a better camera ngl (I WISH I COULD LINK A CASH APP THING BUT I AM PHYSICALLY UNABLE SHADJKSAHD)
srry lol, better buy me an Iphone if you want 2 /j
or is it a joke? JHKAhdkj
nah but fr srry ≡(▔﹏▔)≡

That's it! <3

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I was thinking of making another acc here but for myself, cuz well, i'm sorry to say that i'm not the real Coqui :(
So i wanted to make another one where i would show myself, but not my face cuz insecurites :((((
I just want another place to show my oufits in lol
(En español lol:)
Estaba pensando en hacerme otra cuenta para mi mismx, porque, siento decirlo pero no soy Coqui Argento :(
Quería hacer otra acc para mostrarme lmao, pero no mi cara porque aun tengo problemas con ella :((
Quiero mostrar mis oufits y listo lol

That's it <3!

What do y'all think?? <3
Qué piensan petes??? <3


YOYOYO stuff lol

SO yeah, my bar for men is real low, i know cuz i went to a reddit thing for things(? (Not telling u luv <3) for help (I normally don't ask for help cuz my dad and brother always thaugth me to do things on my own just cuz, and i just can't ask for help anymore and blahblahblah other stuff) asked the thing and a guy replied "OH WOW someone paid attention to me for the first time :o" the guy said "What are your pc specs" BLAND i had in mind that he was gonna be a women hater (My brain works how it wants to ok) so i was nervous to respond with my " specs i'm not sure if that's what you asked fro lol, sorry i'm stupid pls don't bully me <3" i sent it and then he went "Oh don't worry! That's what i asked for blahblahblah sadly i think your specs are the problem" PHEW THE WAY THE TENSION IN MY ASS WAS RELIVED i intantly loved this man and i still do <3 we kept talking for like 2 replys and the thing that i mostly loved is that he said "Btw your English is pretty easy to understand" or something along the lines I LOVE THAT i need validation whenever a speak English with someone that speaks it since they were born cuz i don't want to look like and idiot to them lmao
The bar is low and yet men keep disapointing me :D

Goodbye besties <3<3<3<3<333<3<3<
(Also how is it that i have over 100 besties .-. AM I LIKEABLE??????????)


Can someone help me with shifting??

So yeah i just tried to shift and i can 100% tell i opened my eyes too early, i was feeling many symptoms, i could also see a white light moving, sadly i got excited and i opened my eyes, this's my first time trying and i wanted to know if anyone has methods to share or some tips
Thxs 4 reding this short ass blog lmao

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Shitty friends and shit lol

Soooo, last year (I'm still in 2020, don't bully me) i had a friend called Poopie Pants, we've been friends since second grade i think, this year (2020 4 ME) we stopped talking and shit. The thing is, i hate this guy and the stupid group of guy friends that i had. He and the little gang of stupid O N V R E S i had as friends were always kinda rude, everytime i would open my mouth to say something that wasn't "Good game choice dude" "Same" "Thxs" they would look at me, and i could just feel them saying -shut up woman-
-the f in woman stands for funny- -make me a sandwich- in their heads. I felt really U N C O M F Y with them, but they sometimes were nice, so all i did was stfu everytime i was around them

The funny thing is that, in the gang of stupid O N V R E S, only 2 didn't have a crush on me, those 2 WERE THE ONLY ONES THAT WERE NICE TO ME (One of them even pushed me and punched me sometimes, i didn't care abt it at firts but then he just started pushing me harder and punching me harder, and also he would sometimes "insult" me. TF)
Also when i rejected one of them he pulled the "You weren't pretty anyways" shit and he also got mad at me (Fun fact- he wrote a song abt me, he burned it when i rejected him)

So fellas, if you want to get someone to like u, don't be shit, nobody thinks it's hot, stop PLS

(+ i now hate having to talk to guys that were like them, i feel like they're going to do the same shit)


Friends in real life and shit like that

My two real life bestfriends stopped talking to me one of them is G/Gisella already mentioned her in another blogthe other one i'll cal P/Pan con queso (?
I kinda get P since i think her parents made her stop talking to me, She told me that she loved me and that she would miss me, it didn't sound like her at all tho, so really i don't care that much
But then there's G, she straight up stopped responding, i sometimes would ask if she wanted to hangout and normally she would be all excited abt it and would say yes, now she doesn't respond, i know she's active cuz she posts thing on whatsapp. There are many more things but the one that makes me sadder is that yesterday she posted a ":(" with a black screen, she only does that when she's sad or something happend, so even tho i normally don't want to bother her, i just said ":(?", to see what was wrong, she didn't say shit, she was also active, i would like it better if she blocked me and i cried abt it for some time than having to be sad all the time because she seems to hate me or be annoyed by my, i don't know what i did wrong, she was my only bestfriend, she knew that :(


Sad thing that happened to me pt.2

Okay so, my friend blocked him, i didn't and now i feel bad for it. G told me abt all that, i got pretty mad, i asked B about what G told me, he got kinda mad too, i don't really remember the whole thing, but it ended up """"well""". He started to be even more graphic with me, i ""liked"" him so it didn't bother me, i just thought he was being a perv. He was all the time playing with me, if i didn't text him in half an hour he got mad at me, and played the victim, saying that i'm a bad person because i'm ignoring him ( I was 12, i had school, he knew that i went to school still. Also, i told him i was 14, i was afraid he would stop talking to me beacuse of my age). It was always like that, he was graphic, sometimes i would tell him to stop beacuse it was wierd and it was too much, he'd get mad and start saying "i'm sorry..." "i'm so so sorry..." always with "..." he'd say that he was like that ,he also asked for more graphic pics, the "least graphic" i would send, i don't know what he did with those, and i think i don't wanna know. we talked always, and he sometimes wouldn't respond, i couldn't complain about that, if i did he'd mocked me saying "lol what are you, my girlfriend???" "And what, i don't have to talk to you all the time, i have things to do" "Are you jelous??? lololol". I think we talked almost a whole year, (i think at the end of the year or something) he sent me leud stickers and p*/5n, i was still 12, he sometimes said to me that he wanted to do that with me, he also talked a lot abt meeting in person (He lived in Córdoba i think), he used to say that if we met up i had to be alone, he also wanted me to be in a skirt, so he could you know. Know that i think abt it i just get sad.
We stoped talking, and i couldn't be happier, it's been some time, but i still feel dirty because of the pics that i sent, and beacuse of how we talked. Again i hope this doesn't get taken down, if something like this happened to you or is happening, know that you can talk to me. <3 thxs 4 being amazing (Sorry 4 my english jaja)

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Sad thing that happened to me TW:

I just wanted to vent this since i never telled anyone (aside a classmate of mine)

So yeah, i was groomed, i still remember everything and it's fucking disgusting
i won't get into any details abt what he was saying to me or my friend of course
I was 12, the guy i was talking to was 26. I met him in a app, i don't know wich since my ex-bf was the one with the app, my friend was 11, he had tried to groom her but she ended up blocking him (She gave him her number, and then at my request she gave him mine)
Before we met he was talking to my friend, let's say her name's G and the guy's name is B, G and me thought he was cute so G texted B (Remember G had the app). After some talking B asked G for a pic of her face, after that B asked my friend for her age, my friend told B she was 15, G asked "How old are YOU??" he told her "26, is that okay with you? (You can check my age in my profile lol)", after more chatting and compliments, my friend gave him her number, they started talking in whatsapp. B was telling G how hot he thinks she is. Later, as i already said G gave him my number at my request, we started talking and a after little to no chatting he asked me for a pic of me (Nothing too disturbing, just my face) he said i was hot and cute. we talked a bunch, he said to me all the time how he wanted to 17891j me and went on full on detail about it (You know what i'm talking abt). B started talking to G badly, he was rude, he said to her "you're not as hot as your friend, she's a 99 and you're a 40", G blocked him.

I think i need to make another blog, it's all really long. I hope this doesn't get taken down :(

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I'm sad, like always, but still
This was a pretty good day but now it's all rainy and plain sad
i think my mom may be sick, she's 42
my dad's not doing much, i really don't know what he's doing rn
It's been a loooooooooong time since somebody hugged me, it's been a long time since i've talked to anyone
i feel like i'm a waste of space, i don't do nothing, i just walk all around my house
everyday's boring, i feel lost all the time
i don't know what to do but i know i have lots of things to do, they scare me tho
my sister doesn't talk to me, she has her own life and i understand that, my brother is in the same position, he's 20 i think (my sister's 19)
That's all

thxs 4 being amazing <3


Just some thoughts :D

(Here i'll put some thoughts that i have, i'll edit this blog time to time)

I think that a good way to live is by lisening and then proccesing. What i mean is, we should analize every point of view that anyone can have in life as long as is not harmful to others (Ones that "could" be analyzed: Stuff that cannot harm anybody thats not doing anything harmful to others --- Ones that "couldn't" be analyzed: Things like racism, homophobia, transphobia, capitalism and shity shit that harms people/Living beings that don't harm anybody). For the proccesing thing i mean to say that we should then try to think by ourselfs with morals, logic and sience (Wow i sound like the typical transphobe saying that it's against logic and there is no way you can be a woman if you were a man and the other way around)(Not true btw, if you're trans you're valid and you are who you are, be yourself and happy :D)

Great know i forgot all the shit i was abt to say

What's your opinion on my opinion?? (o゜▽゜)o☆(★ ω ★)

welp, see ya when i get another "big brain" time :D

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