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Sad thing that happened to me TW:

I just wanted to vent this since i never telled anyone (aside a classmate of mine)

So yeah, i was groomed, i still remember everything and it's fucking disgusting
i won't get into any details abt what he was saying to me or my friend of course
I was 12, the guy i was talking to was 26. I met him in a app, i don't know wich since my ex-bf was the one with the app, my friend was 11, he had tried to groom her but she ended up blocking him (She gave him her number, and then at my request she gave him mine)
Before we met he was talking to my friend, let's say her name's G and the guy's name is B, G and me thought he was cute so G texted B (Remember G had the app). After some talking B asked G for a pic of her face, after that B asked my friend for her age, my friend told B she was 15, G asked "How old are YOU??" he told her "26, is that okay with you? (You can check my age in my profile lol)", after more chatting and compliments, my friend gave him her number, they started talking in whatsapp. B was telling G how hot he thinks she is. Later, as i already said G gave him my number at my request, we started talking and a after little to no chatting he asked me for a pic of me (Nothing too disturbing, just my face) he said i was hot and cute. we talked a bunch, he said to me all the time how he wanted to 17891j me and went on full on detail about it (You know what i'm talking abt). B started talking to G badly, he was rude, he said to her "you're not as hot as your friend, she's a 99 and you're a 40", G blocked him.

I think i need to make another blog, it's all really long. I hope this doesn't get taken down :(

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