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"motion sickness"
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june 21st 2021

hello good evening every 1 !!!! (especially shamita hi baby missyou so much kiss kiss) only like less than a week until school capital e Ends,, it will not really ever be the same again .... these people how i will miss most of them.. .but am so excited mostly for summer and the heat and when the sunsets are at like 9pm, the special socks i got just for our camping trip on friday, the strawberries we got, the shorts i wore, how we listened to a little debate podcast as a class today and it was on sun vs moon and the moon debater (queen!) said something like how the sun was important but the moon was special to earth, helped create it, influenced it, how it controls the tides now from far away, the universal experience of being young and looking out the window and thinking the moon was following you

Ok where was i!!!!! oh yeah summer is soon and school is almost over. happythoughts. & also i hav been losing my mind at these two and their divorce outside of a kfc ,,[heartbroken]


and life has been mostly okay, mellow, sometimes it's all too much too much too much too fast, but mostly it's right, closer to right, easier to breath shapes into my lungs at least, and i have been thinking about how my basil plant gave me and my mom a death scare the other day, the feeling of physical books,and nutmeg, dandelion wine, hot tea, god, the beekeeper of aleppo

oh yeah what else!!!!!!!! finished death note last week (banger show!!), played a bit of piano, went to tpo mall the other day and got these really nice comfy doc martens , ordered my fav iced oat milk shaken espresso drink (and also can we talk about how girls always get made fun of for drinking starbucks and how it always never really sat right with me becos starbucks tastes so good!! no wonder a lot of people love it!!!!) and how i was so so tired today, more than tired, a bit exhausted

and still kind of tired now but i am looking forward to sleeping soon and also sleeping tomorrow during class with safiya on the other side of the phone and breathing, steady

love u everyone!!!!! hope you are. doing well and the days are treating you good and also here is a customary spotify playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/262Ph8GmqylgYA5lIaCnRM?si=8960b36f56eb45c5 (a lot of banger tracks & also scroll to the bottom for my #recentfavs ) goodbye now y'all!!!!!!!!

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ok & reading over this again i understand that my sentence structures make very little sense. it's ok