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<3 04.26.21

hello!!!!! most of the time i say hi everyone but in reality it's just hi shamita because she's my only follower but to me the words are kinda like synonyms because shamita is my everything anyway ,..<<3 so hello everyone (shamita) !!! i've been drinking boba a lot lately. you know how on the news they said that there's a tapioca boba ball shortage Yeah Well I Wanted To tell you guys that That's Because Of Me. i am singlehandedly destroying the beverage industry ,. No i do not take quesitons at this time

it’s like 5pm and i’m thinking maybe my favourite season is spring. i’m thinking maybe it’s not so bad maybe i’ll be alright maybe my daily Trash-Talking-With-Safiya while the google meet call is going on and my brother buying me boba and watching the cherry blossom trees in the house across from me bloom and making fun of contestants on masterchef with my mom but tearing up whenever people get eliminated. i’m thinking maybe that’s enough

i reconnected with an old friend today. my brother came home with a mango slush for me and i'm pretty sure i swallowed all the stars. i used a new conditioner in my hair last night and now i smell like coconut. my mom hugged me while we were standing in the bread aisle at costco. i made a new playlist and named it after a flower. i am happy with my simple mundane life today!!!!! i belong to myself and the world belongs to me and we all belong to each other in a way & we hold on to people and to places and to feelings and to fears & & & we hold on to the things we want to lose because deep down we’re aware of it all, aware how everything changes and butterflies grow from caterpillars and the seasons change and how the skin on your thumb always grows back no matter how many times you pick at it

too much 2 think abt at once !!!!!!! ok Back to regular scheduled programming:: i sat outside at like 8pm and did nothing for 30 minutes and it was really quite therapeutic ! there was this lady in a big red puffy coat who kept on walking in and out of her house and the whole time i was like Ok i don't really get it but yes queen!!!! get that bag !!!!!!!! and this morning i kind of deciphered that a couple of my friends have a group chat without me and its at those times when i feel like the lady in the red jacket walking in circles outside her house, endlessly searching

& thinking about dandelions, about setting my alarm 5 minutes earlier in the morning to water my plants, of this hozier song that i love, this phoebe bridgers song that i love, my friends that i love, about mismatched chopsticks, and how i've been trying to write this blog post for three days except none of the words sounded right

i've also been thinking a lot about summer !!!! and dark blue swimming pools and syrupy sweet summer hugs and leaving my window open when it rains and the air conditioning on full blast while i'm lying down spread-eagled on my bed & thinking about how much i miss it even though last summer was a blur and the only thing i really remember is that day with the balcony and the wildflowers and the sticky iced coffee and the lavender perfume;....,.' guys do i have too many run-on sentences

i'm done now </3 pretty sure these posts r getting longer and longer someone please stop me ! also here is a part of this poem by ada limÓn i've been thinking about all week: "and I think of that walk in the valley where / J said, You don’t believe in God? And I said, / No. I believe in this connection we all have / to nature, to each other, to the universe. / And she said, Yeah, God. And how we stood there,"

this is the playlist i was listening to while writing this mess of a post: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2iCokjlsL8EayVoYUAJMCY?si=158cc993c32943ef you can listen to it if you would like to and also you can email me your own favourite quote or part of a poem or a bit of the book that you're reading <.33 i would love to read it

goodbye for now everyone!!!!!!!!!! ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ

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