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"motion sickness"
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<3 05.01.21

hello everyone (shamita) i've been starting to think that my only purpose in life is 2 write these Aimless blog posts </3 But it's okay. I Accept My Destiny

today someone in the house across from me cut down the tree in front of their lawn and i thought about another universe where i was that tree & the sky was always pink and i didn’t leave three people for you & and in another universe where the raspberry bushes grow downwards with their roots in the air and in another universe where we meet in the middle of the street at the age of six while chasing after the same butterfly

ok Anyways !!!! this past week has been so jam-packed and Bam Bam Bam that it was kinda hard to take a breath but now it's saturday evening & i Really Truly have nothing else to do with my life exxcept watch jjk with two blankets pooled around my waist & swallow two pills and share a glass of water with my mom,,,. It is truly a thing , being alive ]. the back of my neck is exposed and i watch the sun set outside my window and think about how i used to sleep on the other side of the bed last spring

on friday night i dreamt of swimming pools in the dark and moons the size of paper plates and strawberries in my favourite bowl and you say "do you remember the first time we came here?" and i say no even if i do. & look, the sky is ombre blue purple pink and look, the screen door is ajar and look, the letter that you wrote me is still on the wall by my bed and look,

asdmskamzkadksmzkwoalals !!!!!! hope everyone is Doing Ok on this fine night. can't believe it's may already i literally might go berserk any moment ,,,.> oh and here's the playlist i was listening to all day https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2D3Sz2ubXwvglntzYiK6g8?si=132198d9fb024b70 it's only phoebe bridgers sorry

love u guys (shamita <3) take me to a pet store and we can give freedom to all the clownfish

this photo Cured me :


Guys Its Literally Sleeping Under the Covers i am tearing up .okay Okay sleep well tonight everyone !!!!! if you dream of anything cool tell me about it and we can decipher that the red sky means you have a dumptruck booty !!! <33

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