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"motion sickness"
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may 27th 2021

GOOD evening everyone!!!!!!!!!! especially goldie in animal crossing sorry she's so sweet & shes a capricorn so. DOUBLE BONUS!!!!!! and ESPECIALLYESPECIALLY shamita sussy. my baby. hope you enjoyed getting penetrated by the. vaccine Only baddies get pfizer!!!! miss u and kiss meplease! class of 2013 mitski So good ..SO GOS so sooOSOSO SO GOOD jesus why r thursday nights so painful

'and he asked me if i believed in god ,and i thought about luca and his wife and how before they got together she was a waitress at his restaurant and he'd tried to fire here 2 weeks in , i thought about me and safiya exchanging minute long voice messages and missing each other ,thought about my brother's best friend's cat and the garden centre we went to and motion sickness - phoebe bridgers & i bet on losing dogs - mitski

i am thinking a lot about god lately, about haruki murakami, about waltzing in the hallway with safiya back in october, about the blooming 牡丹 back in china, my mom when she was younger, about the lake in august; that part in giovanni's room where the character is kind of debating with this other guy about home, and he says something like 'you will go home and then find that home is not home anymore', and the strangeness of changed places, changed people, and how as long as you never go home you'll always have a home to go to, n'est-ce pas?

ANWAYS ,!:!:!!!!! Still thinking aboot megumi fushiguro like All the time ! and also loving how i'm basically treating this like a journal so i can come back in a bit and be like !!!!!i remember when i used to love that song!! IT pains me to. think

god my arm hurts so bad My left deltoid just letting you know!!!!! may 27 my deltoid hurt so bad! i'm all out of juice now

goondgith!!!!! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4YlkWTTW02By7bRtUzYzwT?si=011bd4afbbc447e4 ! it's all mitski this time

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