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"motion sickness"
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may 10th 2021

hello everyone !!!!!! &hello shamita my baby!!! today was mothers day Aka the day 2 celebrate my queen <43 we went on like a 2 hour hike and we found this big green field with a bunch of willows & i stg i almsot cried right there .saw like 19 dogs (Not an Exaggeration!!!!!!) and at least 2 of them ran up to us Bcos dogs r big dumb happy beautful and it made my day So good. even if cats r better sorry

& double washed my hair it came out so nice and my mom said she could smell my conditioner from 2 metres away and <3 and my teacher gassed me on the art with the eyeballs that i handed in last friday & i finished jjk (felt So so empty afterwards) and went phone shopping with my brother and watched 2 episodes of hell's kitchen with my mom bc gordon is a dilf ,;

listened to this one playlist on repeat, made fun of gingers, bought big bouquet for my mom and separated the flowers so now there's a bundle of pink carnations on my desk .makes the room smell nice

if i am being 100% honest i am not sure if these blogs r reaching anyone , wondering if i am just .Speking into the Void ! but that is okay bc i honestly treat this like my biweekly journal anyway;;/ i bet i'll read these posts in 2 years and Very Visibly cringe '

Thoughts: so there is a version of the multiverse theory where basically there are infinite timelines which all have infinite outcomes of each of your decisions, all happening at the Same Time, & so i am thinking that there is a timeline where everything is the same except the carnations in my room are white instead of pink, symbolizing deep deep sorrow, and that means there is a timeline where the carnations are not carnations but a big white cat sleeping on my table and it sheds its fur all over the shirt that is not the levi's shirt that i cut the hem off of yesterday but a yellow silk scarf made by my 姥姥 and also i never put up all those posters around my bed, switching out curtains for blinds. ,/'& well if there is a version of myself where i had everything i wanted ,good for her!!!! hope she is well ,hope all of my friends r doing well. hope my baby 1-year-old niece is doing well too

dear april by frank ocean and punisher by phoebe bridgers Are literaly going2 make me cry rn .i can't do this ,,, ,,. the skin on the side of my fingers r doing better ,learned a new etude for rcm 10, thought about pomegranates & megumi's eyelashes , how it feels to be awake at 2 am ,,,,,,

yeah!!!! here is my current favourite song https://open.spotify.com/track/2uNGH4c3KdOZARA4giRX4a?si=0b38cfef85104c0f But i might get tired of it in like 5 hours .Who Knows !!!!!!!! love u all!!

good night everyone ^^

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