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"motion sickness"
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<3 04.08.21

hi. ,. This is my first blog. not sure what 2 write ,.: hi !!!! my fav drink is chamomile tea or iced latte or rosé wine. trust me Guys rosé is the best red wine is too dry too tart i expected so much better my expectations were so high for red wine and It Tastes Bad. trust me on this ! ok what was i talking about Anyways some movies i recommend: howl's moving castle !!!!!! i love howl !! his energy >> & idk how to say this but he literally has earrings

Guys I am Just Rambling ok what next my favourite ramen brand is shin ramen but buldak..>!!!!! oh yeah and i've also been thinking a lot about flowers &fruit and songs and etc. Hmmmmm ok: favourite flowers; daisies and hyacinths and irises magnolias honeysuckle apple blossom lilac lavender and i know this isn't really a flower but rosemary !!!!!!!! and tangerines >>>> so good. & raspberries green grapes honeydew strawberries. && honestly idk if anyones actually gonna read this but i Just Remembered A Thing about hyacinths Ok so apollo's lover was named hyacinth and when he died (murder or accident depending on who you ask) apollo sprung hyacinth flowers from his blood that was pooled on the ground OK sad anectode: OVER

ok i Think I Am Done. the playlist that i was listening 2 while writing this : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6UGaSm66TnCDdEJ3rHdiQ2?si=FGcqA0wESMOWyHi3ZgkiBA listen to it or follow me or email me about your favourite vegetable or whatever you would like !!!!! bye everyone !!₊˚ˑ༄ؘ

here is a picture of a cow. <3


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