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"Enjoy this while it lasts. "
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United States
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Entry 7 Feels like Summer

As I sit down to write in the midst of midnight I remember the summers of the old days. Music to me used to be about having fun. I didn't really care if anyone really heard my music...but for some reason there is a stigma on musicians. Like if you're not famous then you're not a really accomplished musician. It's probably the only field of work that's like that. So throughout music school you meet all these people who want to be a world class musician. They talk about getting signed...and they do get "signed" basically there are tons of vultures out there that prey on musicians like this so they will "sign" you. They will make you pay for "signing" you and then take a percentage of the income you make with your music for a certain amount of months or years.

I'm honestly done with fame. I've seen it turn people into something they're not...and when I listen to some of my older stuff I can hear a young boy trying to be famous with a catchy melody that everyone will like because to most people back then it was either "make it big" or "give it up".

Then I remember those summers when I would jam with my friends. Playing music that wouldn't be repeated again partially because we didn't know what the hell we were doing.

I'm there again. Expressing myself for the sake of expression. Feels like Summer.


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