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"Enjoy this while it lasts. "
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Facebook Versus Myspace: Day 1

So today I made a "Myspace" and have begun using it. I used to use the site back in the "old days". When all my friends jumped to Facebook, I was perplexed to why...and still to this day, I don't know what made Facebook so appealing to them. Nowadays, I think even Facebook is different from what it used to be. I'm going to keep a log of this little experiment that is going on. Who knows how long this site will even stay up or what will happen to it.

But I think we all feel what the big difference between this old version of Myspace and the rest of the social media platforms(Twitter,Facebook,Instagram, etc). Myspace was more personal. There's not a million adverts staring at you, and there isn't a bunch of users fishing for likes...and there's nothing screaming for your attention.

This social media platform really allowed the user to express themselves in an interesting way.
Why did we abandon it for things that direct us to monotony?

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This sounds like a dope Experiment. I'll be watching ur career with great interest.
PS: wasn't facebook always trash? What made it more appealing than myspace? Like u said, it was more personal instead of ads after ads.
Plus, now facebook is under fire. Kinda a big "TOLD U SO".