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"Enjoy this while it lasts. "
28 years old
United States
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Merry Christmas Entry 4

Sorry I haven't had a lot on my mind lately. Finishing University and the busy week of work has drained me quite a bit, but here's a Christmas Medley my band and I put together.


I actually used to hate Christmas music like a lot, but now it reminds me of the good times I had in college concert band(where I played percussion).

This video was Anthony, my drummer's idea. I planned to put a Drum solo "here" and a Bass solo "there", but Anthony got confused and put his Drum solo where the bass solo was supposed to be and it ended up making the Bass solo really long...so Chris got to shine pretty well in this one...which wasn't planned xD (No pressure Chris). He likes to say he's the "weakest" soloist because he doesn't know his theory, but idk, he's pretty darn good. It's not easy to come up with Bass solos for sure.

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