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"Enjoy this while it lasts. "
28 years old
United States
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Guilt Entry 6

My band and I worked on a new tune called Guilt. Here's a video of us playing it.


I remember when our guitarist quit. Back when we started...we actually had two different guitarist. One of them leaving left at a very difficult time in my life...so it was pretty hard. That's when we decided that we shouldn't replace our guitar player and instead I would cover the instrument along with keyboards. It was pretty tough, but I took the challenge. I would practice long hours throughout the next few weeks and I still practice the instrument a lot. I feel like the guitar itself has a personality that doesn't match with mine...or at least what I think a guitar "does"...but I think I've developed a style that fits my personality. Still trying to find myself though. I think Guilt shows this pretty well.

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Katastrophe Girl

Your band is very good! I am a fan of your wonderfulness!