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Youtube Versus Myspace Day 2

I was always restraint towards social media sites and it took me awhile to even consider Myspace when it first came out. It was so bad someone actually had to make a Facebook for me before I eventually got on...on platform I seemed to do well at was Youtube...and I thought it would be interesting to talk about that Platform for today. I have a channel called Phoenix Splash TV and it has a close to 3k subscribers. It was a place to showcase my band's music and make other kinds of videos. Most of the subscribers arrived through the "musician spotlight" series which mostly featured musicians from Japan who I felt were underappreciated. I noticed something strange...the audience I massed were only interested in "that" content and not anything else the channel had to offer.

Apparently, the best way to make a Youtube Channel is to make one type of video and base your whole channel off of it. Rather than making one channel that says "hey I skate" and "hey I collect buttons", you'd have to make multiple channels...one for your skating and one for your button collecting...but it doesn't become a channel about YOUR button collecting, it becomes a channel about button collecting...if that makes any sense. The aspect of the video that people are interested the least is the person behind the video.

There are a good amount of channels that entire contradict what I just said...but that was the science behind the people interested in Musician Spotlight...but that's not to say some cool people fell through the cracks and actually like us for what we do...I decided I want to make my art whether anyone is there for it or not. There are more to people than just one thing, but there is one thing about a person that people attach themselves to that makes that person a friend...or fwiend..or at the very least interested.

Youtube now is probably one of the most shallowest place of all. Clickbaity thumbnails, Videos that lie to you in their title, conspiracy theories, fake news, long drawn out videos that try to reach that 10 minute mark, and drama channels are everywhere. They're all interested in winning the algorithm and getting money...and they're really hard for music makers, cartoonist, or any real artist to compete with.

Youtube was likely personal(remember video responses?) and there are probably ways to keep it personal, but I blinked and know no such reality. With this iteration of Myspace, the user always sees the profile. When's the last time you viewed a Facebook profile or a Youtube Channel's Page? Newer social media is all about the "post".

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