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Late Thoughts Day 3

Interesting enough, I find that this platform can absorb a lot of time if you let it. I actually saw a video about Myspace and started looking into it more. I had no idea that it actually surpassed Google as the most visited website on the entire web at one point! It's kind of crazy. I also looked into the real Tom and see that he's basically living life and enjoying the retirement money that he earned for creating this. A little crazy to think. Once investors and advertisers were interested in this, his life was pretty much set.

But aside from all the spec stuff, Myspace kind of Collapsed on its own. Technically, it should have survived, but people making bad decisions and other things pretty much did it in...not to mention there are a lot of dangers that come with the initial design of Myspace. Isn't weird that something that can be so calming and tranquil for some users can turn into something creepy and disturbing by others. Humans are interesting.

Yesterday, I learned that Pornhub made its money by hosting videos that were basically pirating pornography DVDs. The site made so much money off pirating and other content that they eventually bought the companies that they were ripping off. Now isn't that just a little messed up? The site is also bigger than Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+...but most people aren't the type to talk about that stuff in public.

I guess simple ideas can grow out of their simplicity and sometimes collapse on itself.

Some ideas can be stolen and they will thrive in their own right.

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