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101 years old
United States
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First of sorry bros for not posting anything monday i was just caught up w/ school n shit like it ends in 2 weeks so i'm trying to get my grades up.

i'm in a math class rn so idrk what to say uh, i'm now Purpled's #1 fan which is a subtle flex i suppose.

I sort of wanna get into cosplaying but i'm not sure atm.

I'm sort of falling out of the whole gacha thing. I don't use the app anymore really & i really just wanna draw my own characters instead of using a OC creator which basically already has everything drawn out for you. It seems lazy to me idk.

Daily ( sort of ) song recommendation
Theme: Purpled used this song in one of his twitch streams it makes for relaxing background music when your streaming on whatever platform.
Song: Pixel Sunrise by Harris Heller
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/4GXPvmtXJBYMoGeSPejxYw?si=7438c5e653734285

Bye guys, have a better day that me that is WAY less tiring. Wake up and be productive, instead of ocassionally getting dizzy & almost passing out in the shower like me. And as always, remember dude that you. are. LOVED. - lig

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The stars aren't in the title because it isn't monday.