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101 years old
United States
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i was writing this fucking blog just now and when i hit post it said i wasn't fucking logged in what.

my day is now shit. it was good then it is now shit.

i'm genuinely not even trying with this one.

i was on about how i got my fist dose of vaxx & i'm getting the second one next month.

i was also asking u guys to recommend me an underrated minecraft smp with good lore cuz i wanted to switch it up.

Also school ended like on friday so yeeeeeeeee.

daily ( sort of ) song recommendation
theme: the song was cute.
song: Chug chug but with minecraft note blocks, by grande1899
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7lj98q17r0v2iPlWZyG47K?si=6689d91c876f4497

So i'm done with this, have a good day & remember bitch you are loved k cool. - lig

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