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101 years old
United States
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i was writing this fucking blog just now and when i hit post it said i wasn't fucking logged in what.

my day is now shit. it was good then it is now shit.

i'm genuinely not even trying with this one.

i was on about how i got my fist dose of vaxx & i'm getting the second one next month.

i was also asking u guys to recommend me an underrated minecraft smp with good lore cuz i wanted to switch it up.

Also school ended like on friday so yeeeeeeeee.

daily ( sort of ) song recommendation
theme: the song was cute.
song: Chug chug but with minecraft note blocks, by grande1899
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7lj98q17r0v2iPlWZyG47K?si=6689d91c876f4497

So i'm done with this, have a good day & remember bitch you are loved k cool. - lig

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fucking keemstar dude.

late ass update, but i'm not forgetting it. which is pog at least. prolly gonna be short cuz i'm finna go 2 sleep like right tf now.

Dunkaroos are the shit.

my dreams are weird asf i just do not understand shit in them.

schools ending in a week let's fucking go, buster.

kind of rushing this ngl

Theme: sheesh
Song: Kitchen gun remix
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/2TI2fhElOfuCNsEJUpIFL1?si=bffca7e7bf2b43d8

Have a good day/afternoon/evening/night bro, you are loved.


i thought i got hacked im a dumbass

i went to log in this morning like i always do yk & it gave me a message saying i had to change my password in the next 48 hours & to check my email. So i did that & i didn't see anything even checking spam so i just tried it again & it said the same shit. so im sitting here thinking i got hacked or some shit but i realize that im checking my alt email & not my main so yeah my password changed n everything now & i now know im dumb.

so i created my alt ahead of time, which means i can't make that roleplay account anymore so fuck me dude.



First of sorry bros for not posting anything monday i was just caught up w/ school n shit like it ends in 2 weeks so i'm trying to get my grades up.

i'm in a math class rn so idrk what to say uh, i'm now Purpled's #1 fan which is a subtle flex i suppose.

I sort of wanna get into cosplaying but i'm not sure atm.

I'm sort of falling out of the whole gacha thing. I don't use the app anymore really & i really just wanna draw my own characters instead of using a OC creator which basically already has everything drawn out for you. It seems lazy to me idk.

Daily ( sort of ) song recommendation
Theme: Purpled used this song in one of his twitch streams it makes for relaxing background music when your streaming on whatever platform.
Song: Pixel Sunrise by Harris Heller
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/4GXPvmtXJBYMoGeSPejxYw?si=7438c5e653734285

Bye guys, have a better day that me that is WAY less tiring. Wake up and be productive, instead of ocassionally getting dizzy & almost passing out in the shower like me. And as always, remember dude that you. are. LOVED. - lig

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⭐ ranting about shit ⭐

Stuff that pissed me off + DSR

My shower: I was gonna take a nice, hot, steamy shower. My mom said i smelt like shit so i had to. I stepped in the shower and turned the knob. We all know that water doesn't become hot straight away you gotta wait a lil so i was just standing around waiting yk in my thoughts... then i shifted back into reality noticing the water was still WARM. So i figured "Oh! i guess i gotta turn the knob higher, no biggie." right? so i tried that then i realized. The knob couldn't go up anymore. The knob was fucking stuck. So then I WAS STUCK. With LUKEWARM WATER. Warm water isn't enjoyable. it isn't. It's either hot or cold there is no in between unless your washing your hands, or in a pool. Hot water feels relaxing, it lowers blood sugar, gets you to fall asleep faster, lowers blood pressure, etc. Cold water, is refreshing! it calms itchy skin, wakes you up, increases circulation, etc. WARM WATER.... just feels like your getting pissed on. it's quite frankly gross. So i had the JOY of showering in what might as well be straight urine.

My classmates: Racist, bigoted asshats. Makes jokes about Chinese people passing it off as them "kidding", uses gay as an insult and mocks lgbtq in general, not to mention unhealthy amounts of among us & Candice jokes. Thank god i have a break 2morrow so i can relax and be free from these extroverted, lousy, tryhard mfs.

And finally... my SHIT internet: Picture this, right. Your in an online class, lets say math or some shit. Your in math and so far so good you understand the lesson and your good to go. Then the teacher calls on you to answer a question! you are incredibly exited to answer this question & make your teacher proud as well as get the participation grade up. Then as SOON as your about to unmute. the WiFi fucks up. you can't unmute, you can't hear anyone, your just stuck with a screen that says "reconnecting you to the meeting" and it stays there for a whole minute. That happened to me today! well not this exact scenario but something related to it. i was SO pissed dude lol

Alright getting the ranting outta the way, DAILY SONG RECOMMENDATION TIME.
Theme: Sad hours
Song: Kill yourself (Part lll) by $uicideboy$
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/5XAPpyIoYF3QXP34Hv8Pvx?si=df6a8d88c4de41e2

Have a good day bro, and remember you are loved <3 - lig

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it's so good

listen, i know it isn't monday yet... but like this song is SO GOOD. https://open.spotify.com/track/17WObgvRnF4gIarTOtEpYb?si=aa77e8d6e68c4caf


Happy Pride Month guys!

Happy Pride Month! hope all of my:

Homosexual Men
Non binarys
Trans mascs
Trans fems
Gender fluids
Neopronoun users
They/them pronoun users
Those in the closet
Polyamorous users

And basically everyone in the LGBTQ community! I hope you day goes well, i love you all, and although we have never met in person, i just gotta say, you look nice today! Peace out fam :V


⭐ hello :V ⭐

sup broskis, it's 12:06 for me i gotta extra day off so pog :P

I'm blasting edgy teen music rn feeling great.

It is confirmed that i will be going back to in person school september because everybody's gettin' vaxed. I have mixed feeling about it. On one hand, i can go back to my friends & my fav teachers... but like on the other hand there's bullying going on & g y m c l a s s 🤢 as well as g r o u p w o r k 🤮 so yeah idrk how to feel :/

I never really got bullied, i have gotten into a few altercations w/ classmates though. The most memorable one was during the 6th when my friend brought his Nintendo switch to school and was gaming during recces. We were just watching him play, pretty boring idek why i was there tbh. Then this girl came walking up to us like she was a god damn teacher, like she has authority over us. she was kind of just glancing at us, giving us all the side eye. then she suddenly said "Your not allowed to have that here" and yk i replied surprisingly with "You can have it out during recces just not inside" idk how and why i even said that considering i was more on the quite side & never really talked to anyone besides people in my small friend circle. Then for whatever reason she brought up fighting. she said something before that but it's all hazy now. something along the lines of "...but what if i fight you how bout that?" i was lowkey scared cuz i never fought anyone seriously before out of taekwondo ( fun fact: i was a taekwondo student, i stopped at blue belt cuz driving from school to the class took to long. ) although i've had some fighting experience i didn't wanna get hurt. Everyone kind of looked at her with a bewildered expression. not with the usual instigation & cheeky smiles. i have a feeling this was because my mom was a teacher in the school & she has close ties to multiple other teachers. i kind of just stood up and left crying. She was walking close behind me saying shit like "Why you tryna start a problem?" even though i deadass was just informing her about something. i wasn't even saying it in a disrespectful tone. Ever since then i just avoided her. and avoided the usual spot me and my friends would hangout
& switched to the otherside. Prt 2?????

Theme: Gives off 'fear me' vibes
Song: "Blood // water" by grandson
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7clyJIrLkEbXUDwj1tC9zz?si=d13f85fed22f454b

byeeeeeeee & remember YOU ARE LOVED my friend. Make sure to drink water!


oi mate

when does school end for you guys. for me it ends june 25th


⭐ lolololololololol ⭐

Heyyyyy brother, what's popping? hope your well.

My mom & dad's out for today so it's just me yeeeeeeah boi

math's so fucking hard, man gosh.

hope ya'll like my new mp3 :P

Also hope ya'll dig my new vibez, changed my pfp & my background. I was kinda nervous to change my background cuz i thought i'd accidentally fuck up my CSS ;-;

Saw this clip on Reddit of cops ( possibly swat ) pushing a guy on the street just looking at them. Pushed his ass on the ground for no reason. Poor guy was holding grocery's to :/ this is why i'm ACAB. This is why i'm an anarchist. And i will remain like this until we get a good government who won't go on power trips. Eitehr have a good government or none at all. fuck it. ( i'm not a political person, i'm pretty young, so don't bring up stuff like elections & shit like that. all i know is that the police force is shitty )

Theme: An Underrated BTS song
Song: 134340 by BTS
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/38td8VabuKlQt72Q2VnhbO?si=f05133935b574a92

You are loved, my friend <3

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