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⭐ hello :V ⭐

sup broskis, it's 12:06 for me i gotta extra day off so pog :P

I'm blasting edgy teen music rn feeling great.

It is confirmed that i will be going back to in person school september because everybody's gettin' vaxed. I have mixed feeling about it. On one hand, i can go back to my friends & my fav teachers... but like on the other hand there's bullying going on & g y m c l a s s 🤢 as well as g r o u p w o r k 🤮 so yeah idrk how to feel :/

I never really got bullied, i have gotten into a few altercations w/ classmates though. The most memorable one was during the 6th when my friend brought his Nintendo switch to school and was gaming during recces. We were just watching him play, pretty boring idek why i was there tbh. Then this girl came walking up to us like she was a god damn teacher, like she has authority over us. she was kind of just glancing at us, giving us all the side eye. then she suddenly said "Your not allowed to have that here" and yk i replied surprisingly with "You can have it out during recces just not inside" idk how and why i even said that considering i was more on the quite side & never really talked to anyone besides people in my small friend circle. Then for whatever reason she brought up fighting. she said something before that but it's all hazy now. something along the lines of "...but what if i fight you how bout that?" i was lowkey scared cuz i never fought anyone seriously before out of taekwondo ( fun fact: i was a taekwondo student, i stopped at blue belt cuz driving from school to the class took to long. ) although i've had some fighting experience i didn't wanna get hurt. Everyone kind of looked at her with a bewildered expression. not with the usual instigation & cheeky smiles. i have a feeling this was because my mom was a teacher in the school & she has close ties to multiple other teachers. i kind of just stood up and left crying. She was walking close behind me saying shit like "Why you tryna start a problem?" even though i deadass was just informing her about something. i wasn't even saying it in a disrespectful tone. Ever since then i just avoided her. and avoided the usual spot me and my friends would hangout
& switched to the otherside. Prt 2?????

Theme: Gives off 'fear me' vibes
Song: "Blood // water" by grandson
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7clyJIrLkEbXUDwj1tC9zz?si=d13f85fed22f454b

byeeeeeeee & remember YOU ARE LOVED my friend. Make sure to drink water!

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Yeah!! vvv


Thanks, not sure it'll go GOOD but hopefully it'll go decently guess :)


Ah I hate in-person school, but I hope it goes good for you <33


Thx man, i don't think anything's gonna happen if i just keep to myself :)


im sorry about that altercation D: and i hope in person school goes well for you!!


Well at least i only have to spend ONE more year in this hell hole until i go to highschool.