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101 years old
United States
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⭐ ranting about shit ⭐

Stuff that pissed me off + DSR

My shower: I was gonna take a nice, hot, steamy shower. My mom said i smelt like shit so i had to. I stepped in the shower and turned the knob. We all know that water doesn't become hot straight away you gotta wait a lil so i was just standing around waiting yk in my thoughts... then i shifted back into reality noticing the water was still WARM. So i figured "Oh! i guess i gotta turn the knob higher, no biggie." right? so i tried that then i realized. The knob couldn't go up anymore. The knob was fucking stuck. So then I WAS STUCK. With LUKEWARM WATER. Warm water isn't enjoyable. it isn't. It's either hot or cold there is no in between unless your washing your hands, or in a pool. Hot water feels relaxing, it lowers blood sugar, gets you to fall asleep faster, lowers blood pressure, etc. Cold water, is refreshing! it calms itchy skin, wakes you up, increases circulation, etc. WARM WATER.... just feels like your getting pissed on. it's quite frankly gross. So i had the JOY of showering in what might as well be straight urine.

My classmates: Racist, bigoted asshats. Makes jokes about Chinese people passing it off as them "kidding", uses gay as an insult and mocks lgbtq in general, not to mention unhealthy amounts of among us & Candice jokes. Thank god i have a break 2morrow so i can relax and be free from these extroverted, lousy, tryhard mfs.

And finally... my SHIT internet: Picture this, right. Your in an online class, lets say math or some shit. Your in math and so far so good you understand the lesson and your good to go. Then the teacher calls on you to answer a question! you are incredibly exited to answer this question & make your teacher proud as well as get the participation grade up. Then as SOON as your about to unmute. the WiFi fucks up. you can't unmute, you can't hear anyone, your just stuck with a screen that says "reconnecting you to the meeting" and it stays there for a whole minute. That happened to me today! well not this exact scenario but something related to it. i was SO pissed dude lol

Alright getting the ranting outta the way, DAILY SONG RECOMMENDATION TIME.
Theme: Sad hours
Song: Kill yourself (Part lll) by $uicideboy$
Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/track/5XAPpyIoYF3QXP34Hv8Pvx?si=df6a8d88c4de41e2

Have a good day bro, and remember you are loved <3 - lig

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