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101 years old
United States
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⭐ lolololololololol ⭐

Heyyyyy brother, what's popping? hope your well.

My mom & dad's out for today so it's just me yeeeeeeah boi

math's so fucking hard, man gosh.

hope ya'll like my new mp3 :P

Also hope ya'll dig my new vibez, changed my pfp & my background. I was kinda nervous to change my background cuz i thought i'd accidentally fuck up my CSS ;-;

Saw this clip on Reddit of cops ( possibly swat ) pushing a guy on the street just looking at them. Pushed his ass on the ground for no reason. Poor guy was holding grocery's to :/ this is why i'm ACAB. This is why i'm an anarchist. And i will remain like this until we get a good government who won't go on power trips. Eitehr have a good government or none at all. fuck it. ( i'm not a political person, i'm pretty young, so don't bring up stuff like elections & shit like that. all i know is that the police force is shitty )

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You are loved, my friend <3

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Yeah, update: I'm not fucking ACAB anymore i was an edgy teen then i'm more informed now lol. I don't really have a political opinion anymore my views on cops are just that they need to be reformed. Sort of just neutral. I'm not a huge fan of cops though.