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"my lovely lovely ludwig van"
20 years old
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just checking in

hello once again people of myspace
how have you been doing?
ive got a lot of things in the works but nothing much to show yet
but semester ends soon and so hopefully ill be able to get some stuff done

particularly, ive been working on learning to program vsts in c++ and ive got a 90% done saturation/distortion effect
though so far the only thing i have finished is the website for it, which you can check a mockup of in https://vst.unplug.red (links dont work yet and text will change)

also have been thinking of brewing some myspace themes for you all, would you be interested in that?
if so, what kind of aesthetics would you be interested in?

thats all i have to say for now,
hope you have a good day!

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Nah Dude

yooo programming your own vsts sounds awesome! I've always wanted to do that! :O
I'm sure the noobs (and some non-noobs) would love some themes! I think you should go for aesthetics that you like. I have full trust in your judgement 🙇