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"my lovely lovely ludwig van"
20 years old
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just checking in

hello once again people of myspace
how have you been doing?
ive got a lot of things in the works but nothing much to show yet
but semester ends soon and so hopefully ill be able to get some stuff done

particularly, ive been working on learning to program vsts in c++ and ive got a 90% done saturation/distortion effect
though so far the only thing i have finished is the website for it, which you can check a mockup of in https://vst.unplug.red (links dont work yet and text will change)

also have been thinking of brewing some myspace themes for you all, would you be interested in that?
if so, what kind of aesthetics would you be interested in?

thats all i have to say for now,
hope you have a good day!


the bermuda triangle of gender

ok but like can we take a moment to appreciate how gender fluid this place is
its as if this is myspace but in a transhumanist alt universe where society and technology is so much more advanced but the web still looks old


adventures from audio engineering

hello again.
sorry for not being as active here lately.
just moved out to my own apartment for the very first time.
and across the other side of the country at that!

that among the very intense lessons left me for very little time for myself...
i have actually physically met my classmates, despite us being on zoom.
these guys arranged a meeting and well,
i was the only one wearing a mask.

considering i dont get out much in general as of late, i suppose i dont pose a threat, but still.
i am in a bit of a dilema whether to completely deprive myself from social interaction and feel like shit or risk infecting people.

other than that i was given an assignment to compose a song.
while i do know the technical ins and outs of the software and dont lack inspiration, i do feel my execution isnt the best, so i really hope i wont embarrase myself in front of the entire class.

really in short im saying that things have been a little stressful but i guess thats how the first week goes.
at least the people here are nice and friendly
anyways much love and see you around

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sorry humans

the rumors were indeed true, i have come upon the decision to join the cats in their attempt to take over the world, as theyre indeed the superior race.
i will not appologize
catland passport
thanks to catland for the passport


meat form 🥩

hello again myspace people
today i write to you a spooky halloween post featuring somewhat outdated images of my very meaty, fleshy self.
pic of me
pic of me
pic of me
wear masks yall!!

seriously tho i thought id get bored of the site by now
but i guess the site's lureing aura is too strong...
yall are too cool!!
it makes me think, how long will i stay on this site?
will this turn into an important corner stone of my life?
yknow. i actually never managed to be as active and personal in like
anyyy other social media except for discord. and i think thats hecking cool.

anyways tomorrow im participating in the ludum dare gamejam with my good friends at the dream buster team!!
very tense but also very rewarding
what have yall been up to?

also, i'll miss you jaden desmond!!! hope you have fun in the mystical world beyond myspace

thats all i have to say for today. talk to you later


graphic design is my passion

🛸 hello people of myspace 🛸
today i finally finished my css!! im super proud of it
sure was a lot of work.

you know ive been thinking about whats gonna happen when i hit 10 blog posts..
deleting posts seems not so nice but i think theres a point to be made here about decay being a natural part of life or smth
i mean this site wont last forever anyways, wont it? and the internet is a hot steaming pile of completely useless information, why would my posts matter after 3 people or so read it.
whatever im not a philosopher

well regardless; how are you all doing?
hopefully covid isnt taking too much of a toll on you.
i personally am a bit worried because im starting uni for audio engineering in a month and i have no idea whether its gonna be online or not. how do you make friends with classmates over zoom?? im sure things will pan out eventually though.

anyways thats all i really have to say.
hope you have a lovely day/night


send help

this site is addicting


stuff i like

welcome to a very self centric post but idk

--cool bands/artists--
king gizzard and the lizard wizard
oneohtrix point never
david bowie
dorian electra
toro y moi
(i have a Last.fm and a RYM)

--cool directors--
david lynch
stanley kubrick
pedro almodovar
quentin tarantotino
aki kaurismaki

--cool game developers--
cosmo d
moshe linke

ok thanks have a good day.