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"my lovely lovely ludwig van"
20 years old
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graphic design is my passion

🛸 hello people of myspace 🛸
today i finally finished my css!! im super proud of it
sure was a lot of work.

you know ive been thinking about whats gonna happen when i hit 10 blog posts..
deleting posts seems not so nice but i think theres a point to be made here about decay being a natural part of life or smth
i mean this site wont last forever anyways, wont it? and the internet is a hot steaming pile of completely useless information, why would my posts matter after 3 people or so read it.
whatever im not a philosopher

well regardless; how are you all doing?
hopefully covid isnt taking too much of a toll on you.
i personally am a bit worried because im starting uni for audio engineering in a month and i have no idea whether its gonna be online or not. how do you make friends with classmates over zoom?? im sure things will pan out eventually though.

anyways thats all i really have to say.
hope you have a lovely day/night

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oh yes, i packed all of the titles to one image bc i wanted to minimize the requests amount and thus decrease the load time
anyways thanks! yall are too nice bout my css lol


just wanna say i really love your page, the float animation is relaxing and i just find it cool that you did titles.png for the texts (hope you don't mind i looked through your code). the older blogs just delete themselves if you post more than 10! i usually save mine in archive.org, don't really know why i do it, maybe for the sentiment.


your css is super cool! good luck on your uni course, audio engineering sounds pretty fun :D


awesome! thats super cool! it looks AWESOME! i havent been able to make mine work so yeah im just hello kitty for now heh heh ♥

broski the 50th

your page looks lovely! you really did a great job on it! about the friends bit: unless you're one of those outgoing types that loves interacting in class, it might take a while before you start making friends through online classes. having group chats can make the process a bit smoother, but still. despite how i'm making it out to be, it's not hopeless! it's just harder than making friends in person, at least from my experience. hopefully you'll make a couple pals in no time!


also yes im archiving. look at me being hypocritical


thats crazy! what kind of music are you working on? any music published?
do take this as an opportunity to make connections though.
i never ever even dream of working with artists in a studio though because everybody nowadays produces at home
you must have some really cool stories to tell


I'm actually one of those people that stand in the booth and make sure it works cool. Of course, i'm just a replacement for someone, so its not really a thing i do full time.