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"my lovely lovely ludwig van"
20 years old
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adventures from audio engineering

hello again.
sorry for not being as active here lately.
just moved out to my own apartment for the very first time.
and across the other side of the country at that!

that among the very intense lessons left me for very little time for myself...
i have actually physically met my classmates, despite us being on zoom.
these guys arranged a meeting and well,
i was the only one wearing a mask.

considering i dont get out much in general as of late, i suppose i dont pose a threat, but still.
i am in a bit of a dilema whether to completely deprive myself from social interaction and feel like shit or risk infecting people.

other than that i was given an assignment to compose a song.
while i do know the technical ins and outs of the software and dont lack inspiration, i do feel my execution isnt the best, so i really hope i wont embarrase myself in front of the entire class.

really in short im saying that things have been a little stressful but i guess thats how the first week goes.
at least the people here are nice and friendly
anyways much love and see you around

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Best of luck 2 u dude m(--)m