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"pain is temporary, swag is forever "
15 years old
United States
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HEYY!!! <3

//this is going to be a vent kind of post//
omg school has been kicking my butt lately but somehow i roped myself into writing about how i relate to hajime hinata for a "college essay" assignment at school and i really cant because one of my classmates has to read it and i have no idea who is going to be my partner because i have no friends to pair up with </3 and also i havent been able to work on my fic because ive been so stressed out ahhhh T-T at least now my counselor is trying to get me a prescription to deal with my anxiety/stress, but im not sure whether my mother will actually let me get it or not because she doesn't like doing that type of thing. and also on the topic of my mom, i told her that she never understands me because she doesn't listen to me, and then later i hear her talking about how ridiculous i am because she grew up too and was a teenager once like...HUH?? she didn't have to grow up and do school remotely during a pandemic?? she doesn't have the mental illnesses i struggle from?? so like??? i don't get it at all. and she tries to "excuse" all my issues and struggles with the fact that im a teenager like...that still doesnt make the pain im going through okay?? like maybe we should still try to look for solutions?? idk i just really wanted to rant about this somewhere. on a lighter note, i got the Mikorin figure ive wanted for years now and its so perfect and it makes me so happy! and i also got a Takao charm that is just so adorable!
also i watched High Rise Invasion and OMG IM IN LOVE WIth thAT SHOW NOW T-T

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