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♥~leon kuwata~♥

i'm in love with leon kuwata and wanted to ask if anyone else has headcannons for him!! i love him so much and would love to talk about him to anyone T-T
some of my headcannons:
🎤he uses strawberry shampoo so he smells like strawberries ><
⚾he likes sweet tarts and eats them during class
🎤he actually does have a good singing voice, but was told he didn't by people because they wanted him to give up on that dream
⚾(this one is more of my interpretation of his character but,,,)because all his life he was forced into playing baseball by the adults around him, he is more willing to change himself to fit what other people like (punk for hairdresser girl, actor for sayaka), and he is grows more comfortable with the punk culture and aesthetic because it is about straying from the norm and the box society puts you in
🎤once he got into Hope's Peak, he didn't feel as much pressure by his parents to play baseball, so he was able to fully explore himself, and realized he actually is comfortable with being punk (beyond seeking validation from the girl he likes) (he still wears punk style in the photos of class 78th in hope's peak b4 tragedy)
⚾he liked Sayaka for a long time, and she helped him become more comfortable with himself since she also has to fit a box for being an idol, and they became close friends who would confide in each other
🎤he as a phone case with an alien on it because he thinks its funny that hiro freaks out about it
⚾he is always very kind and compliments others because he wants them to feel the validation he always wanted
🎤leon is very protective of his friends who are girls because he realizes how girls are taken advantage of often, and he has seen his teammates do bad things to the girls they liked,
⚾he is scared of being perceived as "sleazy" or a "player" because of how he tries to date girls for validation from them, and also because of his constant rejection of k*non, who he fears he is being "too nice to", and fears that he might be leading her on by being too nice
🎤leon is always the one to invite class 78th to sleepovers and parties, and really enjoys playing baseball with them because it is with people he is comfortable with
⚾he also plays basketball,
🎤he likes sailor moon and his fav character is Sailor Mercury because she is intelligent and kind
⚾he plays with beyblades >:)
🎤helps others dye their hair, has tried to die some of Taka's hair while he slept (he is good at dying hair guys he literally dyed his beard :D)
⚾he wears deodorant guys, (i've seen so many people hc him as stinky T-T he literally hates dirty/smelly dudes ahhhhh)
🎤uses cologne that smells like sandalwood, but that scent is overpowered by the insane amounts of strawberry shampoo he uses to keep his hair nice
⚾Byakuya uses blueberry cologne and Leon finds it funny, but Byakuya points out that he also smells like a fruit T-T
🎤he admires Byakuya a lot because of his intelligence, ambition, and success at doing what he wants (being a successful heir to Togams corp)
these are all i can find from my notes app rn so if you have some of your own i'd love to hear them! i would love to hear anyone's thoughts about him!!! (also no 11037 jokes please besties ♥)

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