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anime recommendations! part 2!

this is my part two since there is a limit to how many characters i can use T-T
I will take any recommendations and will update with more shows as i watch them! I will also update with my progress on any shows recommended to me! (please no yaoi recs tho, makes me uncomfy)

🖤Sing "Yesterday" For Me - 6/10
This is a coming of age/romance type of anime, and it is well worth a watch! it takes a more "mature" approach, the majority of characters are well out of college. i really liked the journey of finding yourself and finding meaning in your life as well as a purpose, and i think the ending is the only thing that lessens that message. Also, there is one EXTREMELY questionable relationship between a student and his teacher. the two characters knew each other since they were kids, but i hated any scene with those two characters, it is very uncomfortable and hard to watch, and the ending the high schooler gets is not deserved at all. the high schooler is my least favorite character, he just sucks all around. the pacing is very slow, but it is very well done, except for the ending. i dislike the ending a lot, because it is rushed, but the rest of the episodes are beautiful! and dare i say, there is even a completely PERFECT EPISODE IN THIS SHOW!! Episode 5 - A Man Named Minato, is one of the best single episodes of a show i have ever watched! the relationship displayed in this episode is very sweet and i like the message and tone. i recommend watching this show just so you can see this episode, even if you stop watching it after that episode. the art style is also very pretty. Haru best girl.

                         ⚫on my list to watch⚫
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