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anime recommendations! part 1!

this is part one of my anime recommendations!

💚Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! - 10/10
very funny anime about magical boys! its practically a parody of the magical girl genre, but it is really well done i think! the characters in it are very cute and have such good designs! the dynamics between them are also really good, i highly recomend because i never see anyone talking about this show! i also cried during the OVA finalle. the follow up series, Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss! isn't as good, it feels to rushed and one of the head writers for it had left for that season. i don't recoment watching happy kiss unless you want to see the cameo of the original cast. (in the second season, there is twincest like hikaru and kaoru from ohshc, just be warned)

💜Angel Beats - 10/10
this show is very very very good! the writing and character development is amazing, and once again im sad to see so little people hyping this show up! it has very good action scenes and the ending is absolutely wonderful. i went into this show expecting just some fun fights and battles, but the show goes in such a good and inspiring direction! all the characters are wonderful and memorable, and you WILL CRY watching this show, so good! my fav character is definitely yuri!

❤️Kuroko's Basketball - 9/10
It would be easy for me to give this a 10/10, but i really can't because of one character: Alex. Alex is one of the worst characters ever and I want to erase my memory of her, but if you just take her out of the show it is a 10/10, the best sport's anime I have seen! the dynamics between characters are so fun and interesting to watch play out, and the character development is just so extremely good, especially with the character Midorima. I love love the light/shadow dynamic between the two mc's, and they are one of the cutest duos i've ever seen, and the way their characters bounce off each other is so great! One of my most favorite shows ever, it's just so good! every basketball game is so interesting and i never wanted to stop watching it it's so good! they also do kinds have almost super powers, but everything is just so captivating and fun to watch. each character from the generation of miracles is interesting and are unique. One of my favorite games in the show is Kaijo vs Too, and Rakuzan vs Shutoku, but any game with Takao in it is amazing :).

🧡Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun - 10/10
One of my favorite shows ever!! its a comedy series about a high schooler mangaka, and the mc has a crush on him. the mangaka writes romance manga, but is very dense in real life. all the characters are so fun and put a spin on classic anime tropes. it is also very sapphic at times but it isn't fetishized. !! the girls in this show are very strong and have distinct personalities, which i really like (i have a big crush on each of the girls T-T) It is really funny to me and my fav episode is There Are Times When Men Must Fight. Mikorin gets a spotlight in that episode and it is just so fun! (also bakugo's japanese VA also does the voice for mikorin!!) i really really enjoy this show, and the ending may not be satisfactory for some, but for me i really enjoyed it. dynamics between characters are really good as well. Highly recommend!

💙Beyblade Burst - 10/10
This has always been one of my comfort shows, and I really really recommend it! it is meant for like, kids, but I really enjoy it as a teen, it never gets old for me! I love each of the characters, and they each have distinct personalities! the character designs are really fun and the battles are cool to watch! it has actually mad me cry sometimes, and the struggles characters have are very interesting to watch play out. I really like this show, and i want more people to talk about it with!

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