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15 years old
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⛧a dream 2⛧

i don't remember much about tonight's dream. what i do remember is it was set in the crawl space library. my mother took me deep into the crawl space, like the first time, saying she was her childhood place, my grandpa was there too. Then we went out and had a field trip or something, i was on a bus, saw the trampoline my friend was talking about (that was abandoned) this kid next to me got upset and called me captain obvious, the blonde kid next to me laughed, i got out of the bus and ran to this auditorium thing cause i thought i saw meg, but it was her uncle?? then i went a bit further and saw her, her dad and her lil sis, we all watched a movie although meg was upset. :(
then all of a sudden after a calming part, i was back in the library, my mom, i now realize, had a longer hair and looked different, but had her touch to the skin, reeked of perfume. She took me even deeper into this quarter size library, which i started to wonder how i fit into it when i was little, and how i used to not get back problems from having fun. We then go up to an actual crawl space, it went deeper, my mom who looked VERY like a younger version of her, somehow now had short hair and was in linen shorts, and a very dated top, pointed to a small wooden built in box with a door, it was white. She opened it and said, "now look at me, if you ever EVER are stuck in sh00ting, or an intruder, or a brusjsh[muttering], hide in here it was safe, then as if it was a bad word, it started appearing everywhere intron of me, brujas(that's not how you spell it i am just tired) and she transformed before my eyes into like and evil version of the witch??? Which ik is some BS cause the witch is nice. Then i full on tackled her and twisted her neck, yk now im thinking about it it kind of looked like momo, lol. Oh and after i escaped, i remember something about the nickelodeon section and it being very green, me trashing it, and my grandpa trying to get a tree received so the library is more stable. And the mother i returned to was the same entity, i felt it in my gut. i really did.

The thing is i saw the witch this dream in the begging, so SHE was the one showing me the library dream once again, well duh its her, that why they are all repeating again, hopefully it will be the apple country farm again or the jungle gym library. I'll look into this dream later.

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@koala71783 it was taken from my journal, sorry. ill post an explanation later lol


im confused