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15 years old
United States
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⛧a dream-an explanation⛧

there is a very sever thunderstorm and i quite have nothing else to do, so i will explain how my dreams work.

my dreams ever since i was little have reoccurred. they have reoccurring characters, per say people, and they have re occurring locations which i nickname.
places such as , Apple Country Farms, The jungle gym library, The Crawl Space Library, the flower garden, alt house The Alt Schools (which are the specific dream versions of my schools that i attended, they look different but they always have the same layout) and many more.

Reoccurring people are usually people that i dont quite know got into my dreams?
there is the obvious people that would be there, 'family, friends, all that jazz.
but...there are other people that i just wonder why and how they got into my dreams, where my brain learned of them..
these people are band members of bands i never saw, people who i didn't meet untill years after the dream(locations too)
and the witch.

the witch is my brain processing a certain person i think.
she looks like a certain person, but not how i would of ever seen her even if i did. more current to how she looks, no matter what
year it was.
there are other people too that i just cant fathom how they got in my dreams as a young kid.
people like the msi guitarist, Steve, and his whole family adopting me, and it was so creepy cause i didn't even know who they were at all! i was like 11 maybe when i had that dream? it was very traumatic though.

in all essence, my dreams are complicated and my thoughts are too, and i am WAY too self aware. so that is as best as i can explain it without feeling weird about it.


(oh and also-the rain is pouring like cats and dogs! the gutter is overflowing and the streets are flooded, i can rolling thunder in my chest and throughout the house-its creee-py!. i also thought the air shutting off was a power outage but it was me being kinda freaked lol. it feels like 8pm but its only 4:55pm)

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