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15 years old
United States
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⛧a dream⛧

I had that dream where I fought JD again, most of my repeat dreams have been from three or more years ago but this one is recent. I know I'm in them but I think of it more as a groundhog day situation. In the dream I had to kill JD with a knife and we duked it out in the halls. (they looked like a combo of my first middle school and my high school rn) It was a sick dream and he got two stabs in me whilst I got a good portion of his neck to start off with. No teachers came or anything because I didn't want em to and my subconsomic listened. This dream wasn't as nearly traumatic as the ''family jail' or 'your being euthanized' dreams but it was pretty gorey. Blood everywhere and I was scared even though I knew when we came to the stairs he would be able to stab me in the left arm twice before I could get another blow. I pushed him down the stairs and we both had a big coat on, mine was cooler. It probably looked like laundry falling down. I killed him and he had some not so kind words to say, and the inner fear that I haven't felt from a dream in years has come back.A knife in his back and my nails digging around his throat, my legs around him though. He screamed a bloody curdle. It was around 6 am and I thought my mom was calling me to wake up, but it was definitely his scream.

I didn't go back to sleep.

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oh and house of wolves demo 1 has been stuck in my head since I woke up? Its only a slight coloration to what's to come.