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15 years old
United States
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thinking of changing the music on the page to a kittie song, but like it would be the song i have and a kittie song yk?

also the dumb popular white rich motherfuckaz at my school are laughing about their texting games in science class, they are so rude to the teacher too. we are waiting on like one or two of them to sign into the assignment for like 10 min now. also they have ugly laughs in which they think they have the right to laugh at people with when they are as bland as stale soup crackers. they all have monotone voices, fugly laughs, dull colors, dull personalities, they bounce around the point, and they are really rude and bully others for liking things that they dont like?? i dont care that they like their dull straight ppl romcoms or hallmark movies or whatever they watch! goys shouldnt bother me, if im not bothering them! they also cheat on their S/Os a lot like HUH?? they also also bullied one of my friends so bad they made her go to another school! I HATE THEM AND THEIR ROUMORS AND THEIR PRISSYNESS!

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