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MySpace password change

Today I logged in to MySpace because I bored when I saw this message
Obviously I started to freak out. I posted about my MySpace getting leaked a while ago and I legit got from the couch quickly. I grabbed my computer and turned on the vpn to be safe and did the password changing process there. I told Mercedes to talk to me on trollbox and that it was urgent. When she got there, she asked me about what was wrong. I asked her about the pop up and she had no idea about what was going on. I then told her that the pop up appeared when I logged on to MySpace and she told me she got one as well. She agreed to send me an image so this screenshot is courtesy of Mercedes
The messages are the same but the only difference is the username. We’re sure that we both got hacked by the same person because we still have the emails and on iMessage, we both sent each screenshots without showing our old passwords and the IP address matched on both screenshots. Thankfully, we logged in and changed the passwords or else something bigger could’ve happened. If you got this pop up as well, please let us know. We want to know if we’re the only ones or not. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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This is not a hack, this is something I ask you to do for your own account security.

If you had received the email without the pop-up it would mean that someone had your password, which does not seem to be the case. Sorry you got scared, maybe I misspoke the message and the email.

Have a nice day :)