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18 years old
United States
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I'm also grounded

I normally do what Mercedes does and noticed that she's is grounded so I told my parents to ground me as well. They said I did nothing wrong but when I told them why I wanted to be grounded, they agreed to it. Now I'm grounded. They said that I wasn't really going to be grounded though. They also told me to tell you that you needs to do your missing assignments instead of being on MySpace. Also, Axel and the others told me to tell you that you need a new mp3. They don't like I'm not through by OK GO and really want to hear it's a disaster by OK GO on your MySpace page. I'm actually caught up on my assignments because that's the only thing that I didn't listen to you on. Personally, I think I'm the better one at doing things right. I didn't listen to you and look at what happened. You have 8 missing assignments and I have none. The only bad thing is we don't go to the same school. If we did, I would have probably done half of every missing assignment for you.

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The Online Mercedes

But that's only half of my work. Also, I had already thought of changing the mp3 on my page. Anyways, I have do the rest of my work. Thank goodness you didn't listen to me. Bye!