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18 years old
United States
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My MySpace login got leaked

So my twitter and MySpace login info were in a data leak. I can’t do anything to protect my MySpace account since Mercedes says you can’t change your MySpace password. I can change my twitter password which is what I’ll be doing after this post. Mercedes and our friend Axel also had their passwords leaked on twitter so I told them to change their info. Mercedes, me, and Axel just changed our password. Mercedes didn’t get her MySpace info leaked so that’s good. Anyways if anything weird happens on my MySpace account, let Mercedes know and she’ll tell me. I’ll be archiving my blogs in case someone uses my info to delete the blogs I’ve made. Well I have to go to sleep. Bye guys!

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You can message tom, I'm sure he can help with that since it's an actual problem. Do not stress and please do that