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The Mercedes Powers universe

Hello and welcome back to another blog. Today I’ll be discussing the Mercedes Powers universe. It all started on September the 15th of 2019. The YouTube channel Mercedes Powers was created but went under the name of Scarlet Valeres. It’s a weird name but at least it wasn’t like Redzilla Studios. His channel was called The Breakdown Realm. The first few months of the channel were great. I enjoyed sitting back and watching the videos while Mercedes was filming them. Every video was funny and great for my family to watch after dinner time. This is what I personally call the Golden Months. Then on January of 2020 people at the school Mercedes attends found out about the existence of the channel and that’s when the blackmail happened. Let me explain. You see the videos that the bullies saw were good but they were called cringe by them. Let’s just say that Mercedes did not take the news well. She heard it and posted a video where she joked about the bullies. They saw the video and threatened to the teachers about it. Mercedes was scared so she let it all happen and was careful about what she posted. The blackmail ended on March the 14th of 2020 when a voicemail was sent by the district explaining that the schools would shut down due to COVID-19. The only great videos that Mercedes Powers posted were the 2 parts of the beats solo 3 review and the xtra flaming hot Cheetos review. Let me just say that Mercedes couldn’t stop coughing after the chips review and finished the bag of Cheetos 1 week later because they were so spicy. Any videos besides those 2 were not great, not good at all, or they were great and I can’t think of them off the top of my head. Good videos popped up on the channel when school reopened in person on September the 14th of 2020. Then on December the 6th of 2020, the first and shortest school vlog was made. That’s when Mercedes only posted vlogs at school. I can’t say I’m proud of this choice because I’m not but at least Mercedes is posting good videos again. These videos don’t actually take place at the school Mercedes attends and are just a Redzilla Studios and Mercedes Powers role-playing crossover collab. Redzilla Studios is not really William despite being called that in the real life among us video. All the students at their school are extras that don’t get paid for acting. I recently spoke with Mercedes Powers and these are her thoughts on the subject. She says and I quote ”I regret posting the video that led me to be blackmailed. I was furious at the time and I hope my friends don’t get upset at me if they find out about the video existing. I also miss the videos that I posted at the beginning of the channel’s existence so I will bring them back. I don’t know if I should continue the 100 live stream series or not. The vlogs won’t end until the last full day of school. I now know that the person responsible for my YouTube channel not being popular isn’t Susan Wojcicki, the C.E.O. of YouTube. It’s me. If you’d like to see any old video series from my channel, tell me what video series you want to see again and I’ll revive it. I’m also considering public speaking so let me know if you want to see the speeches posted on my channel”. That’s all that Mercedes Powers had to say on the subject. Thank you for reading this blog. Subscribe to Mercedes Powers and Redzilla Studios on YouTube. Goodbye!

(Edited at 5:06 PM)
Apparently Mercedes Powers read the whole blog and acknowledged what I said that is a fact and what I said that isn’t a fact. I won’t remove the part where I mentioned where the vlogs take place at but just know that it’s a lie.
(Edited at 5:37 PM)
Apparently now Redzilla Studios will be sent the link to the blog. I’m so excited for a YouTube celebrity to be reading this. Hey William! How are you? I watch your videos but I don’t have an account so I can’t subscribe. Can you please tell Mercedes to tell me what you thought of the blog since I hear you don’t have MySpace. Bye William! Bye Mercedes! Bye everyone!

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The Online Mercedes

Not everything you said is true. The only lie is the part where you mentioned that the vlogs are part of a role-playing crossover with Redzilla Studios. I just randomly came up with the idea of vlogging at school. The vlogs are real and the students in the background actually attend school which means they aren’t extras. Nice blog though. I really liked your viewpoint on the situation. I’ve got to go. Bye!