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"Remember Reach"
15 years old
United States
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New theme blog again

I still want to make new themes, I love being able to dump what's on my mind. If you want to take my ideas feel free!
Ideas brain dump:
Castle crashers theme
Battleblock theater theme
Among us theme
Destiny 2 theme
redo Breath of the wild theme (my first try went horrible, I would like to go at it again)
Halo reach (my first try went horrible, I would like to go at it again)
Nicholas and tyler food reviews theme
Minecraft theme
Paladins champions of the realm
New xbox series X
super smash bros ultimate
Again feel free to take these ideas, if you have an idea but don't want to do it just tell me
Love yall

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Among us please.

I might actually make my own, tbh, maybe we can compare each other's

Nah Dude

love Halo Reach so that would always be nice, but I think the most relevant ones rn are probably either among us theme or xbox series x. Jaden's idea with the shades of blue could be pretty good as well.

Jaden Desmond

but out of the list, I say among us, Nicholas and Tyler, Xbox and smash themes are the coolest. if I had to choose it would be Nicholas and Tyler food reviews

Jaden Desmond

make a theme where each element is just a different shade of blue. also, use the new template In my CSS swag blog sent its much more epic than the one I gave you in march