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"Remember Reach"
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I’m kinda late to this but dream made a music video lol, it’s so funny



Had to re-post this because it took itself down, but Dream cheated and he came out about it and now he’s acting like the victim, calling out too you dream fanatics, how do y’all feel about this.

Edit: I’m surprised at how many y’all trying to defend him???


Virginity protected

I committed the ultimate sin, I have betrayed all of humanity. I started watching anime, more specifically Attack on Titan. I finished the first season today and it’s pretty cool. I have become the very thing I swore to destroy.


Cinematic Master piece

I have been trying to write a proper blog for a bit now and my writing feels off, so I'm going to use my back up idea for a blog (this blog right now) and quickly share some movies or videos/shows I consider a cinematic master piece (or just favorite shows and stuff)
Number 1:
The Hobbit trilogy extended edition has gotten lots of hate for being too long, but I really like the world of Middle Earth, so I'm ok with the lengthy duration of this film.

Number 2:
The lord of the rings extended edition. More Middle Earth. I love it.

Number 3:
The Mandolorian is a beautifully cinematic show on Disney+. I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I still love this show, but don't spoil it I have not finished the show yet.

Number 4:
^^^ video ends at 11:14
(Guys I'm sorry, there's a 3rd episode but I scoured the internet and I couldn't find any footage of it)
This is a trilogy called "Tales from Soda island" It's a virtual reality short story, its absolutely beautiful. It's a shame its true beauty can only be seen in VR. It has been the best cinematic experience I have ever seen. truly breath taking.

Honorable mentions:
Supernatural, yea I know it can be pretty cringe but I don't care.

This is an Overwatch short story, I think it's really cool but I only put it in honorable mentions because its related to a video game

But the purpose of this blog wasn't to talk about what I like, I want to know what's other peoples favorite movies and shows, so what is your favorite show or movie?


Today is my birthday! (Outdated)

Today is my birthday, this is my second birthday during covid lol, that kinda sucks actually but it's whatever. I am also still grounded so yea. but I have decided to make today not about me. I have dedicated this day to historical incidents that happened on April 15th.

These are not in any particular order, they just ones that come to me at the top of my head:
Starting off we have the Tianenam Square protests starting today. On April 15th 1989, the people of china protested peacefully, most of the protesters were actually students at the time. I gathered a lot of really disgusting nsfw pictures that you can't normally see when you google about the Tianenam massacre, but I'm not sure if uploading those pictures is a good idea. there were a lot of people who were ran over by tanks, set on fire, and stabbed and etc, but ill show the symbolic image of the man standing in front of the tank because that picture is globally recognized.
On this day several thousand people died at the hands of a corrupt Government
These men are the same people who are in yungooks profile pic btw

Next off we have A massive ship that people will know tragically sank. This ship went by the name of The Titanic. On April 15th, 1912 was when the Titanic fully submerged into the ocean with passengers still on the ship, 1500 people died. The ironic part is this ship was advertised to be impossible to sink, but that wasn't popular belief. Look how that turned out when the ship ran into an iceberg.
It's truly one of the most luxurious ships to ever exist. Shame that so many people stepped onto the ship, and never walked off.

Presidents of the united state have a bad habit of dying, Abraham Lincoln was no exception. On April 15th, 1865, the controversial President of the United States was shot in the head with a bullet whilst watching a live theatre performance at a place called Fords Theatre.

Me and my good friend Kim Il Sung happen to share a birthday together, so go wish this deceased North Korean dictator a happy birthday. I don't really know much about what he did.
The last pic is of some nice propaganda of him.

30 million people are starving in china on April 15th, 1959

American tax day is on April 15th, but the past 2 years will have tax day delayed due to covid.

I could keep adding to the list, but that would take too long.



GUYS IT HAPPENED!! I hit 10,000 views on utf's views counter. I can't believe it. That's so many views, I feel like I need to do something special for it but I don't know what to do, I kinda need ideas plz :)
But thank you, everyone, you guys are just awesome. :)


Another important question

who here takes morning showers, and who here takes night showers. I need to know who I can trust when the apocalypse hits.
OK I'm going to try something funky
Other basically means undecided

   harrison  | Death scythe | takukijri
    Suna     | everett feldt| pwincess 
  Honeycrisp | luvurfrenz   | Goofball 
   Storm     | mercedes     | CallofKatulu (Based)
    Karis    | Nicholas     | Aps24767
   Jxeredo   | Jaleh        | NahDude (Meta)
  cailyn     | Yoshi        | Tincs
   YFJ fan   | lilywebskate | broski the 50th
   R1nk00zzz | Margarita p  | matwa
   Jaden des | mailman      | Rukia 
   Looserman |Death by penis| Taylor10101
     Kokichi | Hey socks    | Tohru
   Radiohead | Uncle Jesse  | Master Chief 
   yunggook  | k0i pond.    |
   Viktor    | poison cherry|
             | Tom nook     |
             | Santa swag   |

guys I'm not liking these results... I thought we were friends...

sorry, Harrison I just deleted your comment because I hit max number of comments, comments will still be read, just they won't show up.

I've lost count of the total number of comments.


GUYS, the strangest thing happened!

So I was taking my little brother to the park to play at the playground, but when we arrived we saw a man calling the police, and at the same time a guy (who I know) was riding his bike away from the scene yelling to the man that he needs to see his mom. So I was like wow, a guy I know just got the police called on him. Rip him. Then I carried on into the park with my brother. We were just chillin at the playground for around 20 minutes when 3 cop cars and one ems drive by the park. So I don’t know what happened, but I still did not think too much of the situation. We played at the playground for another hour maybe, and I was getting ready to go, when the cop cars and ems truck pulled up to the park. I thought that if I left the place right when the cops show up, I would look suspicious, so I stayed. So I assumed they were going to do some investigation and what not, and I was right. About 6 police officers walked up to me (and I was so scared bro, having 6 police officers walk up to me was one of the scariest feelings ever.) and one guy out of the bunch stepped forward and asked how long I had been there for. He asked many questions. While talking to me he was writing down everything I knew about the situation and how I knew the guy who was riding his bike. After all the questions he asked were answered, he gave me a paper to fill out, so I did (I was not about to say no to an official lol, today is not the day I get 6 warning bullets to the heart) I told everything and he thanked me and all that. Then I left the place with my little brother.
And that was everything, I think I’m considered an eye whiteness now?


Bro I’m crying rn 😭

It’s just wanted to see my little homie 😨😭😑☹️😟😞🤬😡😱😦😧👿


Playing video games in school

So I have quite the history of doing lot of things I’m not supposed to do in school, especially on school computers. It all started last year in my AP computer science class. In this class I was supposed to learn about python and some other stuff that I don’t care about. I’m this class we had access to computers of course, and I never once did a single assignment in that class, but the teacher would give me 100s on every assignment. I have no clue why he did this, he was just cool like that. The year started off with the people in my class showing me how to pirate games and stuff like that. During actual school hours we would have little counter strike source LAN party’s. I was never good at the game because I’m trash at keyboard and mouse. Also I never liked counter strike. So I went off to think of other games that had lan support and requires no real pc specs. So I went off to pirate Halo combat evolved. I love halo, and being able to play it in class with my friends is sooo much fun, so now we love on to around December ish. This is when I leaned about the wonderful world of emulation. I watched a YouTube video about this emulator called dolphin. Dolphin is really cool, it lets you play GameCube games and Wii games. So suddenly I had a whole new world of games that I could play. I started off by wanting to play legend of Zelda Wind waker, but my game kept crashing so I couldn’t play it. Not really caring about other game cube games, I went off to wanting to play legend of Zelda skyward sword, but the motion controls were to complicated for keyboard and mouse. So then I had the idea of playing super Mario galaxy 2. And it worked! It was sooo cool playing Mario galaxy 2 during my class. My data actually managed to save every time with no problems, so I was actually able to beet the entire game! I did not speed run the game, I probably had around 26 hours logged on the game. 26 hours of my school was spent playing Mario galaxy 2 during my computer science class. While I was playing galaxy, all my friends started a Minecraft server, because they managed to pirate Minecraft, so then we played that a lot, then sadly covid hit.

The end
Or is it?

I have started going back to school on Monday and in my photoshop class my teacher does not mind us playing games on the computer, my school updated/. Heavily restricted internet access even more, luckily, I saved dolphin emulator to my google drive so I have it forever, and now I’m going to beat Mario kart Wii during class 😈

I did the flower cup yesterday and I’ll be able to do more tomorrow